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People tend to think of the different careers and how a particular personality must match a specific job and avoid others. For example, if someone enjoys going on one adventure after another and does not like being tied down, then the perfect niche would be the travel niche, not teaching or caregiving. 

Consider your astrological sign when picking a career and what career is appropriate for your astrological sign. How do the Major Arcana tarot cards relate to careers? Now, we’ll look at all 22 cards and figure out which career each card represents. 

The Fool

The Fool represents someone who enters into something that is brand new and unknown. The planet Uranus is associated with this card so that that creative careers would be appropriate. It is similar to careers in social media management and technology, which both constantly evolve and expand. 

The Magician

Mercury rules the Magician, which is about creating and starting something new. The Magician would be well suited to careers in sales and communication since both involve effective communication. Similarly, careers in tech and social media management, like the Fool, could also be viewed as fitting due to the nature of the careers. But, again, it’s all about communication. 

The High Priestess

The Moon is associated with the High Priestess card, which indicates digging into things that are hidden or cryptic. It means tapping into your intuition. These cards are appropriate for careers such as detective, psychologist or psychiatrist, or endocrinologist. Regardless if it is physical health, mental health, or something that needs to be found, they all have to do with uncovering hidden things. Psychic jobs are also associated with this card.

The Empress

Venus represents the Empress, the card associated with creation and motherhood. This card relates to careers in teaching, nursing, fashion, beauty, and working from home, such as freelancing. Many moms choose to work from home to stay at home and contribute financially while caring for their children. Since childcare is also expensive otherwise, it is a win-win situation. 

The Emperor

The Aries sign is associated with the Emperor card, as it represents authority and order. A card like this is associated with CEO jobs, management jobs, and government jobs. Self-employment is also related to this card. 

The Hierophant

Taurus is associated with conformity and sticking to the rules, as well as familiarity. That is the Hierophant card. Careers in bookkeeping or religious organizations, such as a minister, are associated with this card. The Hierophant can also be related to careers in education that are not related to teaching. 


Gemini represents the Lovers, who make choices and have partners. The Lovers card is suitable for careers that involve partnerships and connecting people, such as public relations, advertising, marketing, networking, and sales. 


The Chariot moves quickly towards a thriving destination and is ruled by Cancer. Therefore, careers involving transportation, software development, postal services, and quality control would be suitable. 


Leo is associated with finding your inner strength or strength in situations. For example, power is related to human resources, animal care, elder care, child care, and dentistry. 


As Virgo rules Hermit, this card represents introspection and looking within. In addition, the card represents careers in the healing industry, including Reiki, reflexology, massage therapy, and acupuncture, as well as writing, proofreading, editing, and teaching. 

The Wheel Of Fortune

Jupiter is associated with the Wheel of Fortune card, which represents a change in events. Jobs involved with making changes are appropriate for this card, such as becoming a motivational coach or dietician due to changing eating habits or finding a career in investment to improve finances.


The Justice card represents cause and effect, or karma, associated with the sign Libra. So it is no surprise that careers in law are related to this card. However, the same is true for jobs related to health and fitness. Cause and effect can be illustrated by eating well, staying active, and being in shape. 

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man card represents sacrifice, or the only way to move forward is to give up something. Neptune is the associated planet, and careers suitable for this card are related to psychology. Careers in art, music, creative writing, and pharmaceuticals are associated with Neptune. 


Death, which is associated with Scorpio and represents transformation, is the most feared and misunderstood card. Careers in the funeral industry fit due to the nature of the card. Jobs in insurance, finances, taxes and substance abuse counseling would also be suitable. 


Temperance represents moderation and spirituality in general, which is why Sagittarius is the ideal zodiac sign. In addition, temperance is associated with healing, travel, news, as well as humanitarian roles. 

The Devil

Capricorn is associated with the Devil, which rules addictions, obsessions, and extreme materialism. However, the card represents a commitment as well. Aside from self-employment, this card is associated with careers in IT, mining, farming, and negotiations. 

The Tower

A card that is also reasonably feared is the Tower due to its unexpected destruction, which signifies the old is swept away to make way for the new, and it is associated with Mars. It is not surprising that demolition work and careers in the military are related to the Tower. This card is also associated with an anger management counselor. 

The Star 

The Star card represents hope and wishing, which is associated with Aquarius. Careers in medicine, technology, the film, and entertainment industry, as well as public service in general, would be appropriate. 

The Moon

Pisces is associated with the Moon card that represents illusions. For example, detective work, graveyard shift workers in any field, art fields, and working in a hospital, but not necessarily as a medical specialist, are suitable careers. 

The Sun

The Sun is the happiest card in the Major Arcana as it shines bright and is a most welcome sight, especially after dealing with some tough times. Careers that require outdoor work, working with kids, and leadership-related careers are suitable for this card. 


The Judgment card, ruled by Pluto, shows up when you have entered a new state of consciousness or have had an awakening. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and careers fitting for the Judgement card include politics, human resources, and management. 

The World or The Universe

You draw the World card when you have accomplished something and are ready to move forward. It is associated with Saturn because it is a planet of accomplishment and karmic energy. This card relates to careers in rules and regulations, teaching jobs in higher education, government, and land and natural resources. 

If you are thinking about any career associated with any of the tarot cards, now you have an idea of how you can compare your job to any of the cards in the Major Arcana. That is a kind of fun thing to do when you think about it! 


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