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The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the card that represents traditions as well as conformity in the Major Arcana. Whereas the Emperor makes the rules, the Hierophant follows the rules as there is absolutely no innovative side to this card. The Hierophant sticks to what he is told and listens.

This card rules traditional settings such as marriages, especially if it is set up or a religious ceremony. The Hierophant also rules places of worship as well. This is the card as well that represents counseling and getting guidance on something you need some help for in life. Additionally, this is the card that rules education and higher learning. All of these things require you to follow what is being told and to conform. The Hierophant is open to taking in the wisdom given by others as well. The Hierophant provides wisdom to the community based on what was learned.

Going back to the freshman example at the high school, the Hierophant is indicative that he is there to follow the rules, to learn, and to get guidance on anything that he is struggling with. This is not something that is all that new to him as he had rules to follow when it was in elementary school classes. However, he is now having to follow a new set of rules in high school which are quite different from the rules he had to follow when he was in elementary school.

When the Hierophant card shows up in reverse, it can represent several signs. Firstly, it represents purposely rebelling against the rules that may bring in trouble with the law. It may also represent breaking away from family traditions and values. Another meaning could simply be poor counseling or abusing a higher position.

hierophant major arcana

Astrologically, this card is tied to Taurus, and this is the fifth card in the Major Arcana. The Enneagram type that the Hierophant is tied to is type 1.


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