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Justice is the card in the Major Arcana of the tarot that represents everything about balance, fairness, and cause and effect. This is the card that represents karmic results as well as taking responsibility for actions. In fact, this card is extremely self-explanatory for what it represents as it is called justice.

Those who receive this card in a reading can be happy if they are waiting for justice to be served. On the flip side, if someone made a big mistake whether they were conscious of it or not, if this card comes up, it is indicative that they will need to take responsibility for it. However, taking responsibility for any karmic debts they have accumulated will be the only way to balance it.

For instance, if someone had stolen an item from a hotel they were staying in, this card coming up will represent that the hotel will issue them a bill for the item. They will need to pay for the item they had taken, not believing that they would have been caught. On the flip side, this is a good card to see if a good parent is looking to win a custody battle with the other parent that is not so responsible.

Going back to the freshman example. He did not study for a test and ended up cheating instead. He was caught, and he failed. You can also compare it to him talking behind a friend’s back in a not so nice way, and the friend learned about what he did. And therefore, he lost that friend for good. The trust is gone and when trust is gone, there is no going back.

When the Justice card comes up in reverse, that is not good news. It can be indicative of legal problems, the treatment that is unfair, no accountability, imbalances, and dishonesty. Therefore, this card shows that a situation that is happening is not fair.

 justice major arcana

Astrologically this card is tied to Libra, and it is also fitting with Enneagram type 1. In some decks, it is assigned as the eighth card and in other decks, it is assigned as the 11th card. The explanation for that is in the description of the Strength tarot card.

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