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The Star

The Star is the card in the Major Arcana of the tarot that represents inspiration, a renewal of faith and hope, brand new opportunities, spirituality, and being blessed. Good health is another thing it represents. It can also represent astronomy as the card is the Star. However, more often than not, it represents having a good reason to be hopeful. There is a reason that the Star card came after the Tower.

The Tower represents sudden destruction that left you feeling hopeless and confused. The Star is there to basically tell you that everything will be okay. There is a reason to be hopeful and to have faith. You have a reason to hang onto optimism. Things will get better. Here is an example of how the Star plays a role.

Let’s keep using the high school student example. He is still sick with pneumonia but there are signs that he is on his way to recovery. There is a reason for him to be hopeful that he will overcome this sickness but he also knows he has to take better care of himself.

You have lost your job and you are struggling to find a new job. You are being given severance pay so you have money to live on for the time being. However, you are fearful that you will struggle to find another job. You are afraid you aren’t marketable. But when the Star comes up, it gives you a reason to be hopeful that another, and a better job is right around the corner for you.

The Star in reverse represents missed opportunities, it can represent delays in anything you are looking forward to, as well as despair, and disappointments. It can also be indicative of illness.

 star major arcana

Astrologically this card is tied to Aquarius and it is the 17th card in the deck.

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