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The Empress

The Empress card of the Major Arcana in the tarot has been assigned to be the card that represents feminine energy as well as anything that is maternal. This card can also represent the creation of any kind, as well as art, and even establishing a new business. This is the card that represents nurturing as well because anything that is created needs to be nurtured in order to be sustained.

Nurturing a family must be done to sustain it as well as a new business. Due to the fact that this is the card that represents creativity, it can be relevant to starting a new art-related project such as painting, creative writing, or sculpting. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a new creative venture and this card comes up, then this is a good sign that it will happen. You just have to remember to nurture whatever you are creating to sustain it.

This card will also come up if you are thinking of starting a family as it is the card that represents motherhood after all. However, when you go back to the high school example, you are not looking to start a family. When the Empress comes into play that is relevant to the freshman, this could have to do with them taking an art class or putting creativity into their schoolwork in general.

When the Empress comes up in reverse, then this is a sign that there are domestic problems, stagnation, infertility, or it may be the opposite. It could represent a pregnancy that is not wanted. Financial troubles are another representation.

empress major arcana

Astrologically the Empress is tied to Venus and is assigned the number 3 as it is the third card in the Major Arcana. The Enneagram type that this card is tied to is type 2, The Helper.

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