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The Magician

The Magician is literally the first card of the Major Arcana of the tarot and it represents the skills, the capabilities, the resources, and reminds the querent that they have the potential to do anything they choose. They just need to learn to tap into it. And when this card comes up, it is a great sign that the universe is bringing great changes towards your way. Therefore, you have the opportunity to create anything you choose. This is the time in your life in order to manifest any outcome that you desire. The Magician is all about starting fresh, using skills to bring something to life, being resourceful, determination, taking initiative and creativity.

Let’s go back to the freshman example. He realizes that he has skills that he can use to create what he wants. He can make some new friends by approaching those who he has never met in a certain way. He can also tap into his resources to complete difficult homework and to adjust to the new demands of high school as well. The bottom line is that the freshman has to take action on making his high school experience a successful and positive one.

The Magician in reverse however can be indicative of deceit, poor planning, manipulation, no energy, and ill intentions. In other words, if you want to create something new and you go through the dishonest and manipulative route, then this is what represents the Magician in reverse.

magician tarot

Astrologically, Mercury is associated with the Magician, and it is associated with the number 1. The Enneagram type that this card is associated with is type 3.

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