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Metaphysics and anything esoteric can be associated with almost anything. Even simple activities you choose to do on a certain day or night have an astrological association. 

For example, when the Sun is in Cancer, people are often influenced to spend more time at home or travel to make themselves feel at home wherever they are staying. Thus, they may choose to eat a home-cooked meal in the hotel they are staying at. 

In the case of activities influenced by astrology, how can they be related to tarot cards? First, we’ll find out what Saturday night activities are associated with each of the Major Arcana (or experiences) cards.

The Fool

Usually, the Fool represents naivety and going into something without knowing anything about it. Risks are being taken. The activities associated with this card are basically things that someone has never done before and doesn’t know anything about. For example, if someone wants to go wall-climbing and has never done it before, this is an example. 

The Magician

The Magician invents something new and creates something new. Hence, a Saturday night activity that matches this card is testing out a brand new creation. Cooking a new recipe or spending the night at home doing some creative writing or sculpting could be on the agenda. 

The High Priestess

Intuition is the key to digging into secrets, and the High Priestess represents that. The perfect activity for this is to spend the night at home reading tarot cards for oneself or others. You can even be hired to read at a party. This card is appropriate so long as it involves intuition and psychic ability. 

The Empress

The Empress card represents nurturing also governs creativity. Spending Saturday night with the kids doing arts and crafts can be interpreted as this. While moms need a break from the kids often, there are some nights when they enjoy spending time alone with them doing fun activities. 

The Emperor

In the tarot, the Emperor represents leadership, creating order, and it is a masculine card. Playing spots and having the intention of winning the game is what this card most resembles, which is what every player intends to do. It can be hockey, baseball, basketball, or any other sport. 

The Hierophant

The Hierophant rules conformity and following rules. A Saturday night activity tied to this card is therefore not particularly exciting. It may be just a matter of watching a movie and going to bed early. To stay in a good sleep cycle, it is best to go to bed simultaneously every night, even on Saturdays. 

The Lovers

A Lovers card represents choices and relationships. There is, therefore, the option to spend the evening alone or with friends, or with a significant other if that is what you prefer. This decision will determine how the evening will unfold and what activities will be done. 

The Chariot

The Chariot card represents overcoming adversity while you are emotionally ready to quit. This card’s best activity is going to the gym on a Saturday night to work out. Does anyone really want to do that? Those who are committed to staying fit, regardless of how they feel, will succeed. 


Strength is what this card represents. This can be the same type of activity described above for the Chariot’s association or working on a home renovation that could take all night long. One who decides to do that will find it within to accomplish it.

The Hermit

Hermit is the card that represents introspection and analysis. It was a simple Saturday night at home, reflecting on the past month or year and thinking about any areas of life that could be improved. This isn’t a fun Saturday night activity, but it happens when anyone is feeling reflective. 

The Wheel Of Fortune

As the Wheel of Fortune card indicates a turning point, it may represent a Saturday night situation involving a movie night that didn’t turn into a movie night. Someone planned to go to dinner with some friends and then watch a movie afterward. A last-minute decision is made to go for dessert instead. Thus, the movie night was canceled because of this change of plans. 


Justice represents cause and effect, or fairness and balance. This can include spending a Saturday night assembling furniture for a friend. What does this have to do with the card? Because your friend will be the one to take the evening off to help you if you need some help on a Saturday night. A lack of fairness and balance results in a loss of friendship with someone who really wasn’t a friend if they didn’t help. 

The Hanged Man

Hanged Man cards symbolize sacrifice or giving up something for the greater good. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will not spend the evening at the bar, but rather at a restaurant eating a healthy meal and working out after dinner. 


Death is one of the most misunderstood cards in Major Arcana. Death plays a minor role in this card, not even the physical aspect of it. An appropriate description of the card depicting a Saturday night would be for new parents to spend the first Saturday night at home with their newborn, sleepless and missing the lives they had before becoming parents. 


The Temperance card represents moderation, patience, and going with the flow. It can be like going to the movies but experiencing a delay at the start of the show. Find ways to distract yourself instead of getting impatient and annoyed. Have a good conversation with your friend or play a game on your iPhone. Then, you will know when the movie starts. 

The Devil

A Devil represents decadence, obsession, and addiction. This card is easily associated with a Saturday night activity. We might spend a night at a very expensive buffet and then go home to watch a movie and somehow still have room for a slice of chocolate cake. 

The Tower

In Major Arcana, the Tower is another card that should never be seen. Unexpected destruction or upheaval is a card that represents this. For example, eating at an expensive restaurant and then getting food poisoning would ruin the rest of the evening. 

The Star

The Star card represents hope and faith. There can be a couple out on their first date, and things are going well for them. The potential for something to grow out of this means there will be more dates to come because there is a mutual connection. 

The Moon

The Moon is all about things not appearing the way it does, or something too good to be true. A Saturday night that has to do with the Moon would be expecting a fun date and then being stood up. Instead, the date appeared to be awesome and then never showed up. 

The Sun

As the happiest card in the Major Arcana, the Sun represents joy. The card could easily represent a Saturday night that is all about celebrations, such as a wedding or an engagement party. 


The Judgment card represents awakening to higher consciousness. A Saturday night after giving up a bad habit can easily indicate this. The nights spent at the bar were not helpful or fun, so instead of going to the bar all the time, we would watch movies at home. You could also spend quality time with friends instead of being alone all the time. 

The World Or The Universe

The World card represents the completion of one phase so that the next can begin. It’s easy to compare this to a Saturday night. Finally, the evening is over, and it’s time to go to sleep to get up and ready to start Sunday’s chores. 

Or you could have multiple events happen on a Saturday night, which would represent several cards. For example, perhaps you could have a Saturday night that consisted of some sporting events, followed by a buffet, and then finding out that one of your friends turned out to be living a double life which hurt your trust. That would be the Emperor, the Devil, and the Moon. 


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