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Traveling to different places several times a year or even once a year is something that many people enjoy doing. When the idea of traveling is discussed in astrological terms, Mercury and Jupiter come to mind. Jupiter rules expansion of horizons, and Mercury rules transportation. As well as Gemini, the sign of Sagittarius is referred to. Sagittarius rules travel overseas and exploration of different cultures, while Gemini governs short trips within the country. 

What is the most common association people have with the Tarot when they think of travel? If the Six of Swords is drawn, that represents travel by water, and if the Eight of Wands is removed, that means to travel by air. Using the Major Arcana, we can see how each of the 22 cards can be relevant to travel, whether long-distance or local. 

The Fool

Those entering something new, a brand new beginning, or a clean slate are represented by the Fool card. When you visit a place for the first time, you may not know much about it until you gain experience. Traveling long distances or going on a road trip to a place you have never been can be a good idea.

The Magician

This is the first time that the Magician has created something new. Getting new experiences by traveling to new places or even old places is relevant to what this card represents. Traveling will allow you to experience new things, whether you’re going somewhere for the first time or not. 

The High Priestess

If you are unsure about something, it is time to tap into your intuition. For example, as a traveler, you can read reviews about what people are saying about restaurants, attractions, and hotels in foreign countries. First, however, you have to decide which ones to go to based on your intuition, the High Priestess

The Empress

The motherhood card does not necessarily mean traveling with your mother. The Empress is a symbol of relying on tour guides to keep you safe on guided tours. Also, if you are traveling to notoriously unsafe countries, this card can come in handy. Tour guides take care of you in groups.

The Emperor

A trip itinerary will help you stay organized on your trip to the extent that you can. The Emperor card represents authority and order, so you need to plan out your trip accordingly. And being in control no matter what happens, such as getting travel insurance in case something goes wrong during your trip. 

The Hierophant 

The Hierophant represents conformity and following the rules, and you should listen to people’s recommendations for what to see and avoid. However, it was discussed for the High Priestess; you will also want to use your intuition. For example, if too many people say to avoid going to a particular restaurant because they all got sick, listen to them and prevent it. 

The Lovers

When it comes to traveling, you will have many choices to make. For example, what hotel do you want to stay at, and why? To use this card, you must decide to stay in one. That is where the Lovers comes in.  

The Chariot

The Chariot is an action card that represents a determination to visit a particular country or city. It can also mean the desire to travel is so strong that you successfully save up for the trip to finally experience visiting a specific country or city you have wanted to stay in for a long time. 


As you need strength to travel, whether by road or by air, you need this card. Traveling is tiring, especially when you drive or fly, and you need to find the inner strength to get to the hotel. If jet lag is involved, then you will have to deal with it as well. 

The Hermit

The introspective card, Hermit,  signifies that sometimes you need to travel to recharge your batteries and get to know yourself, which is what this card represents. Imagine a mom who needs a weekend to herself to recharge her batteries. 

The Wheel Of Fortune

Traveling anywhere represents a change of direction in this card. As a result, a change in routine will be necessary. That is where the Wheel of Fortune comes in. 


Justice is the card that represents cause and effect and is essentially a reward system. As a reward for accomplishing something you held yourself accountable for, you might take a vacation to somewhere you’ve wanted to visit for a long time. If you vowed to do better budgeting and have successfully saved money, then a trip is a great reward. 

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man represents giving up something or making a sacrifice. Consequently, you may not be able to make the big purchase you want to make to save money for a holiday. You decided to take a trip instead of purchasing that expensive home stereo. Making a sacrifice is all about that. 


Death is a card that represents transformation but rarely physical death. Therefore, it is not the same as meeting your demise on holiday—the trip you are taking means a life-changing experience for one reason or another. After being on vacation, you return home changed. 


Temperance is the card of moderation. Spending money on holidays falls under this category. Spend your money only on things that will add value to your life and avoid overspending on anything that may not. When on vacation, it’s okay to splurge, but again, in moderation. 

The Devil

It is the opposite of the Temperance card, which is about giving in to material pleasures. Rather than splurging on vacation in moderation, the Devil represents going all out. When you are on vacation, you will be eating at the most expensive and high-end restaurants, which means your bank account will be hit with significant credit card bills once you return home. 

The Tower

The Tower is full of unpleasant surprises that cause you to fall. You may lose your passport, which is always an unfortunate situation. During a vacation, it can also mean being mugged and having your wallet stolen. There could be a flood in the hotel. This card sums up travel nightmares. 

The Star

The Star is the card that represents hope, and it can also mean a travel destination you want to visit. Every time you save money in the bank, you get one step closer to making the dream trip a reality. 

The Moon

Often linked with delusion and even deception, the Moon is a card of the mind. From hearing good things about a hotel or destination to finding out that it is a two-star hotel instead of a four or five – star. A housekeeper may also take your belongings when cleaning up your hotel room. 

The Sun

The Sun card means you are having the trip of a lifetime and that it is living up to all of your expectations! Enjoy your holiday!


Your trip has been quite enlightening on a spiritual level for one reason or another, as the Judgment card represents a time of awakening. A journey to countries like Israel, the Vatican, or other highly spiritual countries can have a profound spiritual impact on you.

The World

Traveling the world is like discovering new worlds in the places that you are visiting. As a card of accomplishment, it can also represent traveling to all the countries on your bucket list. 

Because we are still in a pandemic, traveling is not one that many people are thinking about too much. However, nothing lasts forever, and that includes pandemics. So it may go on for a while, but not forever, and when it happens, you can start enjoying your traveling again. 

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