You have probably wondered what intuition is and how you can use tarot cards to access it. Let’s talk about that, and if you figured that even though it is critical to learn the meanings of each tarot card, it is more important to find your definition of the cards, you are right. Not only must you find your interpretation of each tarot card, but you must learn to utilize your intuition as you read those cards. You can do this by reading for other people or yourself. Let’s firstly talk about intuition.

What Is Intuition?

Do you know that ‘gut’ feeling you get? The feeling you cannot shake off about something happening or anything in general? For instance, if you want to go to the mall but you have a terrible feeling about going to the mall at a particular time, but you cannot explain why you have that feeling – that is intuition. Perhaps your intuition tells you that either a car accident is likely to happen if you were to go to the mall at that time. Or, maybe if you went to the mall at that particular time, you would not be able to park due to a full parking lot. You get the idea. That is your intuition—that ‘gut’ feeling.

Here is the thing. Everyone is born with intuition. However, as you learn stuff once you go to school and develop other forms of judgment, desires, wants, experience fear and anxiety as you progress in life – those are the things that block intuition. Once your intellect develops, that will block out intuition as well.

The problem is that once your mind processes what is happening in the environment, that can easily hamper intuition. That is why your mind and your intuition are often at odds. Your emotions can complicate the mix as well. What happens? You cannot separate what you don’t want to happen and what you want to happen with intuition. A pessimistic and overly optimistic way of thinking, which has emotions tied to it, will taint your intuition. Sometimes a neutral way of thinking can also cause you to doubt your intuition, but you will be more receptive to it than thinking in a pessimistic and overly optimistic manner.

For instance, you are not facing any problems right now. Your job is stable, and your family is healthy, and you are doing well financially. However, you cannot shake off that ‘bad’ feeling you have about the new neighbors that moved in next door to you. You have no reason to dislike them since you do not know them. But, you cannot shake off the negative feelings you have about this new neighbor. You would doubt your intuition by thinking that you are crazy for feeling that way, given the fact that these neighbors never did anything to you. And no matter how much you want to shake that negative feeling off about them, you can’t. Then, a week later, you are finding that you are having problems with your neighbor.

Firstly, when your neighbor walks their dog, the dog does their business on your front lawn, and they never clean up after the dog. Secondly, the neighbor’s teenager is throwing parties nightly and making a racket. Then, you end up getting into a big argument with the neighbor. And there it. Your intuition told you that your neighbor was problematic, which is why you could not shake off that negative feeling about them.

The trick to working and developing your intuition (that you had to begin with) is to learn to separate what your mind and heart scream at you while you are listening to your gut. Let’s talk about how you can do that.

How To Start Trusting Your Intuition Without Allowing Your Mind And Emotions To Affect It

Quieting your mind and separating your emotions from your gut feelings takes time and effort to do. However, like with anything else, if you practice it often, it gets better. That is what you need to do when you learn to listen and trust your intuition while you quiet your mind and emotions. You also want to add tarot into the mix when you are working on strengthening your intuition.

Grab the tarot deck that you feel is the most suitable for your likes and wants. You can go on Amazon to do that, or you can go to the local metaphysical shop to do that as well. Once you do that, cleanse the tarot deck, and then start developing your intuition.

What you want to do is take your tarot deck, a pad, and paper and go into a quiet room or a calm space. If it is a nice day outside and you find a private area where you will not have distractions, that is even better. Connecting with your intuition in nature is ideal. However, it is not always easy to do if you are in a busy area as you will hear nearby traffic, kids noisily playing, and dogs barking; you get the idea. However, if you live in an active zone where you will not have peace, you will be better off finding a place in your home where you won’t have distractions.

You must be in a tranquil area. You can listen to soft, calming music if you would like as well. The first step is to sit in a chair in an upright position without slouching. Rest your hands on your lap and keep your feet on the floor. If your mind needs to ramble and get some thoughts through, allow it to work its way. Suppressing your mind will only create tension, which will defeat the purpose. Let your mind do its thing until you can get into the mindset of shutting it off.

You are now in the mindset to begin meditating and focus on your breathing and not change a thing. Then do this for about three to five minutes, and pay attention to your body. If there is tension, then your mind is still fighting with you to work. That is why it is essential before beginning the meditation to allow your mind to complete its chatter before you can quiet it down. Keep breathing as you will exhale your thoughts. However, if you are in a relaxed state, you will not experience any tension.

If you are in a state of relaxation, okay, stay there, and keep breathing. And pay attention to the feelings, sensations, and any information that comes to you. Do not question it; you are keeping your judgemental side away at this time. Any immediate thoughts that have no emotional attachment you will want to write down on the pad. And remember, your mind is kept at bay. There is no judgment for what thoughts and sensations, and feelings that come to you. Keep doing this for about five to ten minutes. Once you feel you are ready to stop the meditation, then allow yourself to get back to the state you were before slowly. However, keep your mind’s chatter silenced because this is when you will pull your tarot card.

Use Your Tarot Cards To Strengthen Your Intuition

Once you pull the tarot card, spend some time, just a minute or two, to reflect on the card you drew. Then look at the notes you took while you were noting the information that came to you. Allow yourself to naturally connect to the messages you brought to the meaning of the card you pulled. You will always see a connection. And when you do, your gut will know, and you deep down will see it. That is your intuition talking.

Let’s take an example of a scenario of this. You are unhappy because you feel that your life is in disarray as you have no idea how to organize yourself. You don’t know what to do to change it and declutter your items. All you do is judge yourself harshly and believe that you are lazy. That is not helping you at all solve your problem, and you know this. You intuitively know what you need to do to get the help you need, but your mind keeps telling you how lazy and sloppy you are. That isn’t helpful.

You do the meditation work, and then when you successfully silence your mind (after getting the last lazy slob out), the name ‘Joan’ comes to you. Who is Joan? You don’t know, but you are jotting the name down anyway. Then you complete your session. You pull the tarot card, The Hierophant. You reflect on the meaning of that as conformity, advice, traditions, and teachers. This card tells you that you need to rely on a professional to guide you on how to get yourself better organized. Then you figured it out.

You remembered that there was this one time you Googled the name of a professional organizer to hire, and the name of the professional is Joan. You had a feeling at the time that this professional would help you, but you had forgotten about her, and you became distracted with the mental chatter and feeling bad about yourself. Now that you listened to your intuition again, you now know to call this professional so you can get the guidance you need.

And you will want to rinse and repeat this daily. As time elapses, you will see that your intuition is strengthened like a muscle. It is the same as exercising. You are exercising your intuition by doing this task daily. And you will be able to know how to separate your emotions, thoughts, and intuition.