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You love reading the tarot as you find it calming and insightful, especially when you are doing your daily card pulls. You want to know your personal message for the day, provided by the card’s meaning. Talking about your love for tarot cards is something that you enjoy doing. You will find that many people support your tarot journey, even if they don’t have an interest in learning about the cards themselves. However, you will find that someone in your life will not support you with your tarot journey. It is not they have anything against you as a person. That individual is very skeptical about tarot and anything that has to do with the occult or metaphysics.

Perhaps this individual follows a religion that shuns tarot, which many of them do. Or, perhaps they are an atheist or agnostic. Or, this individual thinks that anything that ‘psychics’ use is a load of crap. If this individual is not all that close to you, you would probably allow them to believe what they choose to believe. I mean, they don’t get into the way of your beliefs. However, if this skeptical individual is a close friend, close family member, or your partner, then you would want to teach them about the tarot. That is because tarot is important to you. You support them about things that don’t interest you. Understandably, they learn about tarot with an open mind. Whatever they choose to do with the knowledge is completely up to them.

How Do You Approach A Skeptic With Tarot?

The first thing you want to do is tell the individual that you would appreciate it if they learned a little bit about tarot because it interests you. And ask them what it is about tarot that makes them skeptical. Chances are, the thing that is off-putting to them is that they don’t believe in the divination aspect of tarot. There is an easy solution for that, which is to take divination out of the equation. Don’t even include it when you teach them about tarot. Take any form of mysticism away from tarot when you teach a skeptic about it.

Instead, talk to them about how tarot is a great tool to provide you insight into your life, and it does help increase your intuition. Because everyone has intuition, and even skeptics cannot deny that. If you have a tool that helps you understand yourself better, then that is a positive thing, and no one can dispute that fact. That even goes for hardcore skeptics.

By saying that, you are making tarot more approachable to the psychic. That is because you take away the abstract aspects of tarot, making it more relatable to them. Based on these facts alone, any skeptic can at least understand why you would have an interest in tarot even if they still don’t buy into the idea. That is already one small step forward. However, you are not finished with them yet.

Encourage The Skeptic To Develop An Open Mind About Tarot Cards

The next step is for the skeptic to become open to understanding tarot cards themselves. Once again, whatever they decide to do with it, in the end, is their decision. They may remain skeptical about the point of the cards. There is one exercise to do to help them develop an open mind about tarot. It is important to remember to keep mysticism entirely out of the equation. The focus is for the skeptic to appreciate the artwork of the cards.

Grab a colorful tarot deck, one that you don’t use, and allow the skeptic to take a look at each card. Tell them to look at the artwork carefully. Allow them to pick out the cards they like the most, and then you can talk to them about the design and the meanings of those cards. That might pique curiosity in the skeptic. In addition to that, after going over the meanings of the cards, they may end up finding several cards in the tarot deck that they relate to. That is another step forward when it comes to the skeptic opening up their mind about the tarot. And there is another way to make the skeptic open up to the idea of tarot cards.

Ask The Skeptic Which Card They Identify With The Most

Another fun tarot exercise you can do with the skeptic is asking them which card they identify the most based on their personality traits. Lay the Major Arcana cards out on the floor or a table and talk about what they represent. Those are the cards that are the easiest for relating. If the skeptic acknowledges that they are innovative, inventive, and creative, then you can say that they are just like the Magician, for example.

That is one way to make the skeptic warm up to the cards. If the exercise involves them relating to something, then that helps. Not to mention, you can tell them that it is one way on how to use tarot for introspection and self-reflection. That right there might be the ah-ha thing you are looking for in the skeptic. That can help them understand right there that the use of tarot goes beyond divination purposes.

You can also ask them, after explaining the meaning of the tarot to them their favorite card. There is a good chance they will choose at least one. Ask them why, and they will give you a reason that they relate to the best. Therefore, the skeptic may begin to understand the appeal to the cards, or may not. You can also tell them that you use the cards for other things that have nothing to do with divination. An example of that is that tarot cards can help you with your writing projects. Tarot cards can help you bust the writer’s block when it comes to finding topics to write about. They can also help you create an outline for novels or nonfiction if you want to go there.

Those are methods for helping the skeptic warm up to tarot cards. Once again, it is entirely up to them what they do with the cards. The skeptic may not change their mind about their views of tarot cards. However, they had given you an open mind by learning about why the cards are essential to you. That was the idea of doing these exercises in the first place.


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