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It happens to every tarot reader. They do a reading for themselves or a client, and then they end up conjuring up a disaster. For instance, they may end up with a cheerful card at the beginning of the reading, such as the Sun. However, the following cards end up being the Tower or the Ten of Swords, or the Three of Swords, or others. Therefore, things look good at first; then it blows up into smoke. The spread spells disaster or bad news in general.

You know the saying, to hope for the best, but to prepare for the worst. But when you see that the worst is coming, how do you ready for it?  What do you do when you end up with a reading like that? Is it possible that the cards are wrong? Well, here is the thing, if you were clear about the question you had asked and listened to your intuition about when to lay the cards down, then no, the cards were not wrong. However, there is usually good news about this situation. There are ways you can change your outcome.

A Bad Tarot Reading Is Never Set In Stone

Any tarot reading is never set in stone. That is because we all have this lovely thing called free will. Therefore, if you asked the cards if you will get a particular job, and the cards say ‘no,’ there are several things to do about this. Firstly, this tarot reading does not mean that you will never get a similar job to the one you asked the cards to reveal. Secondly, you may still end up with that job, but perhaps you have to try a different approach to attaining it.

Perhaps when you asked your cards about getting a particular job, you were using an approach hoping to attain it that is not working. Even if you didn’t tell the cards how you are applying to the job, you are telepathically telling them based on what you are doing. The cards said ‘no’ because whatever approach you are using to apply to the job is not working.

I mean, I would not consider this example of a lousy reading a disastrous one as it is more of a disappointing one. However, it shows an outcome which you would not want. What can you do about changing the result? The first thing to do is to evaluate what approach you are using to apply for this job. If you already had the interview, you will have to take that as a disappointing ‘no.’ However, if you have not yet had the interview, then there is hope that can change.

You may find that you have to add something to your resume in order consideration of your application. Through the evaluation, you discover that you lack something significant that your potential employer needs to accept your application. Perhaps you need to take another approach when it comes to applying for this job. Maybe you have to research how you can conduct a professional and grabbing interview with this particular company if you can find help with that.

Once you find an approach to increase your odds of getting the job, do another tarot reading. If you get a better result, then there is a much better chance you will get the job. However, if you already conducted the interview and the cards presented a bleak outcome, then you have to be open to finding other jobs similar to the one you want.

Look for the alternative jobs you can find, and find out how you can increase your chances of being accepted to one of them. Consult with your cards how the likelihood of you getting one of those jobs appears, and there is a good chance you will receive a decent result. That is just one example of what to do with a tarot reading that has a bleak outcome.

However, other factors may explain why you could end up with a bad outcome indicated by a tarot reading. One of those factors is that you are reading the cards while having a negative mindset.

Reading Tarot Cards While Your Mindset Is Negative

If you read your tarot cards while you are in a negative mindset, then there is a good chance, you will end up with a reading with a disastrous outcome. For instance, if you are in a bad mood, and you ask the cards what the outcome would be if you made a phone call to an old flame – and you end up with the Three of Swords, then that is a sign right there to not make the call, at that time.

If you are in a neutral or better frame of mind, and you do the same reading, you will likely end up with a card that has more of a positive nature. The point is that if you end up with a reading with an undesirable outcome, then you must evaluate your mindset. Are you feeling pessimistic or desperate? That will hurt your reading. If you realize that you are not in a good frame of mine, then do the reading again when you are in a better place emotionally and mentally. If you do end up getting the same card, the Three of Swords, after doing the same reading while you are in a better frame of mind, then prepare yourself because the call will not go well.

You can always narrow it down further and ask the cards if you were to approach your old flame in a certain way while making the call. If you still end up with a negative outcome, you will see that it is not good to reach out to that old flame. Let things stay in the past.

There is another reason that you may end up with a negative reading, and that is because of being stuck in a vicious cycle. That negative reading may wake you up and make you realize that you are manifesting something you do not want.

A Negative Reading Can Represent You Being Stuck In A Vicious Cycle

Sometimes a negative reading can be the wake-up call that you need. For instance, if you live a poor lifestyle that consists of eating unhealthy foods and being sedentary, you are quite overweight as a result. You are interested in asking someone out on a date, but you are nervous about it. However, you are not in a negative mind frame. You feel you have a shot at going on a date with this person. However, you end up with either the Three of Swords or Ten of Swords as outcome cards. Those are not the cards you want to see if you wonder if you can go on a date with someone you like. In fact, ouch, that is heartwrenching to see those cards.

However, what could be the reason that they would turn you down? You know that you are not in tip-top shape. Could that be the reason? You do another reading to ask that question, and you get a confirmation that yes, that is why they will turn you down. You know not to pursue this dating prospect anymore because you do not want to date someone who is potentially shallow and is only interested in appearances. However, this reading makes you think even more about the fact that you could improve your lifestyle.

Because of this reading, you realize that your diet is not the best, and you are not active, which is why you are not in the best shape physically. You realize that to become healthier and more fit, you have to make some lifestyle and dietary changes. That could be the wake-up call that you need to improve your health.

It is never fun getting a negative tarot reading with a disastrous or disappointing outcome. However, there are things to do with it by making adjustments or asking the cards that question on a day when you are not moody or desperate. Sometimes a reading with a negative outcome can make you look within and realize that you could manifest something better if you can break a vicious cycle.



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