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One of the many reasons that people go and get tarot readings is that they want to know how an outcome will be based on a particular action they will want to take. They need additional insight to help them make the right decisions, and that is where tarot can be quite helpful.

A tarot reading can most definitely indicate as well what kind of positive changes in your life you need to make so you can start feeling better which will result in better things to come. The 5 tarot cards that show up that are indicative that you need to make changes for the better are:

Eight Of Cups

This card shows up when it is time to let go of feelings that are no longer serving you so you can move on, and start living the life you deserve. This can be letting go of feelings of an ex that have been consuming you or letting go of self-doubt and fear so you can move on and take chances. This card literally means it is time to walk away from whatever has been emotionally holding you back which also holds you back in all areas of life.

Six Of Swords

This card can indicate travel by sea but it also shows up when you are making a decision to move to a different direction that will be more serving to your needs and passions. This can confirm that if you have that inner voice that has been telling you to quit something so you can go towards a better direction. This can be a job that you no longer enjoy, or moving to a new home, or making some change to any life circumstance.

The World

This card is the last one in the Major Arcana which rules completion and accomplishment. When this card shows up, it is indicative of a change of a huge life cycle and a new one is about to start. This gives you the opportunity to reinvent certain aspects of your life. However, be prepared to face some emotional losses and you will mourn over it because that was a part of you for a long time. Look at the big picture and then you will see it is time to let go of an old life cycle so a new one can begin.


This is a card that shows up when you have to make decisions that may be hard to make. This challenges you to move past the emotional side when making a decision and to look at the facts. You may feel you are not ready to take a chance but facts that are presented to you show that you must make a decision and it won’t be easy. This card shows up too when you have to change your lifestyle for the better even if you are not emotionally ready.


This card shows up when you know it is time to live your truth. This shows up when you have not been feeling fulfilled in life, and it is time to create a new path so you can finally get to the point of feeling fulfilled in life. This transition is based on your values and principals. Be honest with yourself and what you want, not for what you will settle for because you don’t know if you deserve better or not.

Do you know of other tarot cards that are indicative that positive life changes need to happen?

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