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Fights! Arguments! Conflicts! As unpleasant as they are, you cannot avoid them. If you avoid them, that is also quite unhealthy as the avoidance of conflicts only means that there is a failure to meet the needs of the one who avoids the conflict. The sun sign Libra and the Enneagram type 9 are known for avoiding conflicts. Having arguments is necessary to make sure that your needs are being met, but they are a good sign that you are sticking to your boundaries. That is why a healthy couple will fight once in a while with one another. If one is upset with the other for ignoring or dismissing their wants and needs, that will turn into an argument. The same goes for friends who have let you down.

A fight will also happen whenever someone attempts to cross a boundary, such as deliberately going against a request or invading someone’s privacy. That type of conflict happens for the sake of protecting your boundaries and privacy. Whenever anyone purposely crosses your boundaries, that will result in a fight. If someone unintentionally does it, they will be told. A decent person who makes that type of mistake will sincerely apologize, which will immediately argue over the mistakes they made not necessary.

Some arguments are kept at a civil level. However, they are strong disagreements; there isn’t any name-calling, or violence, or even raised voices. However, some arguments that people have are not respectable disagreements between one another. Those conflicts involve raised voices, harsh exchanges of hurtful words, name-calling, and even violence. Therefore a civil and respectable conflict will obviously result in a lot less stress than a fight out of control.

Conflicts are part of life whether you like it or not. And let’s look at the seven main tarot cards that represent a conflict of any type right now:

Five Of Swords

Five of Swords

Five of Swords

When you think of conflicts, you probably immediately think of the Five of Swords tarot card. That card is literally called the conflict card. In fact, the type of conflict depicted in this card is one of the worst types to have. That card does not necessarily mean that the conflict will be violent. However, it always means you will feel and be defeated at the end of it. Even if you happen to win the argument, you still feel defeated. Maybe it is because that conflict cost you a friend. That is one form of defeat that is difficult to handle. Therefore, no one wins when it comes to the Five of Swords.

Here is an example of the type of argument depicted by the Five of Swords. You suspect that your best friend is after your partner. That is because you found that your friend has displayed moments of being flirtatious with your partner. And chances are, your friend really is the super friendly type that can appear quite charming. However, that is not how you see it. You decide to confront your friend. You end up having a heated argument with them as they insist that they were never after your partner, to begin with. They like to be nice to everyone, which supports how naturally charming they are.

Then you realize that you were wrong for assuming the worst of your friend. However, it is too late. Your friend sees that you obviously cannot trust them without good reason and end the friendship. You both have experienced a loss of friendship because of this argument. How defeating.

Five Of Wands

Five of Wands

Another ultimate conflict card is the Five of Wands. That type of card depicts those fights that involve a lot of shouting where no one is really heard. Think about a heated presidential debate (and I am not getting political here, but the last one that recently happened depicts this card very well). Neither candidate had a productive discussion with one another as they started shouting and flinging insults at each other. That only caused a lot of shouting involving a lot of word vomit, which did not resolve anything.

Another common example of the Five of Wands is someone crashing a party. Imagine having a fun party that the card before this one, the Four of Wands, indicates. You are having a great time, and then all of a sudden, one of your enemies decides to crash your celebration. You can only imagine what kind of fights would result from that action. That is the ultimate Five of Wands move, really.

Nine Of Wands

nine of wands

Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands may not necessarily depict arguments and fights. That card represents exhaustion but the refusal to give up. You are exhausted and feeling somewhat beaten down after arguing. However, you refuse to give in and stop fighting because you don’t feel that your words were heard.

You can think of someone being bullied at work or school and being called hurtful names. You would immediately think of that individual caving in and giving up. However, they refuse to give up and to take the bullying. They do feel beaten down, but they will continue to stand up for themselves until the bullies back down. They can try to ignore the one they are picking on, but eventually, they have to stop. That is when they find another target.

Three Of Swords

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is the heartbreak card. That is the card that emerges when there is a devastating outcome that leaves you heartbroken. The Three of Swords is also the card representing conflict whenever there is a deliberate exchange of hurtful words to the point they inflict emotional wounds. The words are so cutting that they can cause the heart to ache.

One example is that there are two older sisters who never really got along. One sister has two children. One is cognitively disabled and will have to live at home for good. The other child recently came out of the closet by announcing that they were gay and never considered adopting children since they love living the childfree life. That makes this mother sad, but she has to accept the outcome of the situation because it means that she will never be a grandmother. However, the other sister just became a grandmother. One day both sisters got into a heated argument. The one woman who has the grandchild shoved it into her sister’s face that she deserves never to experience the joys of having grandchildren. She also had to add that she also doesn’t have to worry about caring for an overgrown baby. Ouch, that hurts. That comment left an emotional wound.

Two Of Swords

Two of Swords

Two of Swords

When you think of the Two of Swords, you may not necessarily think of a conflict. However, this card can represent a ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ type of situation. That is what happens when you add passive-aggression to the mix. You don’t verbalize how angry you are, but you make life difficult for the other person by displaying passive-aggressive behaviors. The difficult decision is for the one who is being passive-aggressive. They don’t like the idea of having a heated argument, so they don’t speak up, but they can’t help but become angry either.

One example of a passive-aggressive situation is that you have a couple that struggles with communication. The man is very submissive and will not speak up if he is upset about something. That is because he doesn’t feel his words will be heard by his partner if he does. The woman is domineering, and she decided she wanted to get a puppy. He didn’t want a puppy, but he kept quiet since he knew he had no say in it. However, when she got the puppy, he did not help her with housetraining and the puppy’s care. He ignored the puppy. This frustrated her, and each time she asked him if he had a problem with the dog, he never spoke up about how he really felt, and he just said ‘no’.

Seven Of Wands

seven of wands

Seven of Wands

When the Seven of Wands comes up regarding conflict, it is a difficult card as well. You constantly feel as if you have to defend yourself towards someone no matter what you do. You constantly feel attacked. Either you feel you have to defend yourself and your feelings or walk on eggshells. That card is appropriate for conflict when it comes to having to deal with unstable people constantly.

You could have a boss who is a nightmare to work for like one day, he may be calm, but the other day he is like a ticking time bomb. He makes unfair accusations towards you, but you have to defend your case, such as you being late to work due to dealing with your sick child or having a tough commute due to high traffic. You have to defend those facts, and you feel like he doesn’t believe you. On the other hand, you are stumped with a project you were assigned at work. But you are afraid to ask him for advice because you are terrified he will blow up at you. You also fear you could say the wrong thing to him at other times, which is why you would feel like you are walking on eggshells. It is time to start applying to other employers.

The Tower

The Tower

The Tower

Of course, the Tower would be another ultimate conflict card. However, that is not the card that represents an anticipated conflict. An example of that would be you admit you made a grave mistake, and you have to come clean to someone who would be very upset by that. The Tower would appear if you hid that mistake you made and that individual made the discovery of you making it. Then you would end up facing wrath from the individual so destructive that the both of you could rip each other apart.

You needed to hide that mistake from them because you knew they would judge you harshly for it. They expect too much out of you. Later on, if that individual sees that the reason you lied to them because they expect perfection from you, then perhaps they could forgive you and realize you had to hide the mistake from them to save yourself. At the same token, you have not to allow the reaction of others to rattle you. The Tower does bring you an opportunity to rebuild after the destruction, and if you can rebuild trust by gaining new perspectives, then that is a great thing.

Those are the seven cards that represent conflict. And you can probably recount each time all of those cards became relevant to the types of conflicts you have had with people from the past, especially when it comes to fights breaking out due to the lack of respect.

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