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One of the challenging things that happen to those who struggle with poor mental health, as I know from experience myself is that decision-making is a struggle. According to Psychology Today, those who have depression can struggle with making decisions. It is also said in that article that those who can’t make decisions often have untreated depression. And the inability to do that can also erode your self-esteem even further.

Even if you are asked to make, a choice between wearing black jeans or blue jeans for the next day can present problems. You take out your blue jeans and black jeans right before going to bed. You agonize about which pair of jeans you should wear. And this causes you a lot of frustration as well as a lot of anxiety. All you end up doing is keeping yourself up at night because you cannot decide what pair of jeans to wear the next day. That is a lot of unfair pressure you are putting yourself on. However, if you struggle with making choices often, that really can cause your self-confidence to take a hit. Your inability to decide on something repeatedly fills you up with self-doubt.

You may even struggle with deciding on which restaurant to eat at, and you end up relying on your friend or partner to decide for you. As you can see, this significant struggle will impact all areas of your life. You rely on others to decide for you since you are not confident enough to decide for yourself.

However, there is good news. There is a simple way to help you make decisions quicker. That is by relying on tarot cards. Tarot cards are great for so many things, and they help you narrow down a decision is one of those things.

How Can Tarot Cards Help You Make A Decision?

Tarot cards can help you with your decision-making abilities in several ways. If you are trying to make a simple decision about what type of clothes to wear or what type of restaurant to eat at, you can pull one card. The one card can help you narrow down your choices. For instance, if you are unsure whether you want to wear black or blue jeans, you can pull a card to narrow that down. If you pull the card, the Emperor, for instance, then the first thing to do is envision the type of jeans that the Emperor would wear. He is bold, disciplined, and masculine. That may push you toward the black jeans. And then you will decide to wear black jeans! Problem solved right there.

Let’s use that example as well for deciding to choose a restaurant. You really are not sure what type of food you are in the mood to eat. If you look at the Emperor, what is the first thing that is associated with the Emperor? You may think of a steak dinner associated with such a masculine card. However, the more you think about it, that is not what you really want. Then you will want to think about other things associated with this card, such as the zodiac sign of Aries. Mars rules Aries, and Mars is associated with spicy food. Then that helps you narrow down your decision to go for Mexican food. There you go. You are now ready to eat at a Mexican restaurant.

There you go, as you can rely on those one-card pulls for making simple decisions. If you end up getting tarot cards that require you to make decisions, such as the Two of Swords, Seven of Cups, or Lovers, then you will want to pull another card that can help you more. However, when it comes to making difficult decisions for larger issues such as deciding whether or not to take a job you were offered, then you will need to do something more complex with the cards. There is a fantastic spread for this purpose.

A Great Tarot Spread For Helping You Make Difficult Decisions

If you feel a lot of anxiety because you have to make a life-altering decision, you can always talk to others and get their opinions to help you narrow down your choice. However, you are the one who ultimately has to make such a bold decision, such as going for a job opportunity you were offered on the other side of the country. There is a five-card decision-making spread that was provided by Labyrinthos that I like a lot.

If you were offered that job and have no idea whether to take the risk by taking it or staying in a secure job, you will have a lot to think about. The decision to make for that may be easier to do if the job was not far from your home. However, you still would need to think about it. You are still taking the risk of entering a job that may not work for you, especially if the job you are currently at is secure. You can do the five-card spread to help you narrow down your decision:

  1. First card – your motivation, which is what is the very thing that has an impact on your decision?
  2. The second card – your best outcome, and imagine the ideal thing that can truly happen for you.
  3. Third card – your values, what values and principles you have that can affect your decision?
  4. Fourth card – first option, what can you expect if you take the first option?
  5. Fifth card – second option, what can you expect if you take the second option?

Let’s take a look at the diagram of this five-card decision-making spread:

five card decision making spread

Now, let’s do a sample reading. You were offered a job across the other side of the city. You are unsure of whether or not you want to take it. You are pretty happy at your secure job. You weren’t even looking for a job, but since it was offered to you, you found the description of it enticing. That is why you are at a crossroads with this. Let’s now take a look at the cards and help you determine whether or not to take this job:

  1. First card – Six of Pentacles
  2. The second card – Six of Cups
  3. Third card – The Devil
  4. Fourth card – Seven of Pentacles
  5. Fifth card – Ten of Swords

The first card represents your motivations, and you got the Six of Pentacles. You like to give your time and energy to something worthwhile. You also enjoy getting bonuses for your hard work. Your current job does that quite well, and you would like to work in a setting that does that for you. It is a true balance of giving and taking.

The second card represents the best outcome, and you got the Six of Cups. You like the fact that your job reminds you of the pleasant things that happened in your past, and you would like to see that happen wherever you end up working. If you can enjoy moments of nostalgia, then that is a great thing.

The third card represents your values and principles. The Devil is the card you pulled, and even though that is negative, the Devil can also represent a commitment, and you are the type to honor your commitments. However, you also want to be appreciated for your commitments and exceeding deadlines, and at the current job where you work, you feel appreciated. That is what motivates you to stay committed as well.

The fourth card represents you taking the first option, which is staying at your current job. The Seven of Pentacles is a good card that shows you that the effort you put in will develop into something great. That is the card that represents growing seeds or growing investments. It takes time and patience, but it is growing and turning into something great. If you stick with this job and keep working harder, you are working your way up to higher positions. Not too shabby.

The fifth card represents you taking the second option, which is taking the second job. You got the Ten of Swords. That right, there means it will be a dead-end job, and it does not take a rocket scientist to see that you are much better off sticking with the first option. As tempting as the job sounded to you, you now know that taking it would be wrong to do as you would lose your secure position and seniority that you already developed.

If you are struggling with making decisions, you can use the tarot to narrow things down and figure things out. It does not matter whether you are attempting to make a simple choice or a life-changing one. The tarot cards are there to help you figure out what to do. And that will help your decision-making process go much smoother with less effort.

Here is another resource you can use to make decisions, as it is for fun, a cool tool, the Magic 8 Ball. Check it out and it may actually help you more than you would imagine!

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