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Anything that you or a client of yours asks the tarot, you will get an answer. Well, not exactly. You can ask the tarot cards to gain insight on most things. However, there are some questions that you do not want to ask because they either infringe on ethics or aren’t specific enough. The last thing you want to do is do a reading for a client about something that is not ethical, and you end up giving them an answer to the question. However, once the outcome happens, which is very different from the answer you gave the client, you could be in hot water.

You don’t ask the tarot cards because they are not ethical to ask, especially if you are reading for a client. If you want to ask unethical questions just for yourself, I still advise you not to do so. However, there are some of these questions that you can ask if you approach them differently for yourself. Let’s now go over ten questions not to ask the tarot cards.

Am I Going To Win The Lottery?

Oh, sure, everyone wants to know the answer to this one. Are you going to win the lottery? Well, that is one question not to ask the tarot cards at all. Yes, it is unethical to do a tarot reading regarding winning the lottery for a client. And it is not advisable to ask this question for yourself either. That is because the tarot cannot predict whether you will win the lottery or not. The lottery is a game of chance, and nothing can be expected when it comes to luck.

If any tarot reader told you that you would end up with a lot of money because you would win the lottery, that was unethical. Now, if a tarot reader said to you that they saw a good chance that you would end up with some money unexpectedly from an unknown source, then that is one thing. Perhaps that will happen, and maybe the money will come to you from the lottery or another source. However, no tarot reader can tell you for sure if the money they see coming to you is from the lottery specifically.

Once again, the lottery is a game of chance. If you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery, keep buying lottery tickets, and leave the tarot out of it. Tarot cards cannot help you with that.

When Am I (Or Someone Else) Going To Die?

Oh, I had a client who came to me once and said that they were horrified that a tarot reader said this individual would die at a certain age. That is extremely unethical. You don’t ask that question, ever. You don’t ask a reader if you will die or if someone who you know will die. However, there is just one exception to this. If you have a loved one in hospice, you can ask the cards how their transition will go to the other side. You can ask if they will have a smooth transition. You know they will die, and it will happen soon if they are in hospice care. You can also ask the cards what you can do to help your loved one make a peaceful transition. Perhaps praying for them or envisioning them surrounded in bright light is the way to go. Or, the cards can provide you with insight on how you can help spiritually.

When Will My Lover Leave Their Partner?

Oh, do not even ask this question. First of all, if you are a homewrecker, shame on you! Secondly, do not ask the tarot cards about someone else who has no relation to you at all. You are not getting their permission, and you cannot read the tarot cards on them without their consent. Therefore, that goes for anyone; it is not ethical to read the tarot cards on anyone who does not permit you to do so.

Another example is that your mother is having a terrible relationship with your sibling, and you sense that she will eventually cut them out of their will. That is one thing if your intuition tells you that, but do not consult the cards about that. Please don’t do a tarot reading on whether your mother plans to cut your sibling out of her will.

Will I (Or Someone Else) Become Cured Of This Disease?

You probably know by now that it is unethical to predict any health outcomes. Therefore, that is why you do not want to ask the tarot cards about the development of your disease or someone else’s disease. For instance, if you know of someone who has cancer, you do not want to ask the cards when they will go into remission. You just learned that it is an infringement of privacy to ask your tarot cards questions about anyone who hasn’t permitted you to do readings on them in general. You do not want to consult your cards about their health.

However, you can instead ask the cards how you can best support a friend or an ill family member. That is perfectly fine to do. However, if you think you are sick, do not ask your tarot cards whether you are or not – instead, make an appointment with your doctor.

What Will Happen With My Court Case?

You do not want to ask your tarot cards about any legal case. That is because tarot readers aren’t lawyers (well some might be lawyers but it is not their place to do readings about court cases). Even so, tarot readers cannot provide legal advice. If you happen to get a reading from a tarot reader who is also a lawyer, maybe they can give you some pointers but that is its extent.

If you want to know how you can improve your chances of winning a court case, then you can ask the cards what steps you can take to increase your chances of that happening. I would not offer readings involving court cases or anything legal to anyone else, however. If you need legal help, then invest your money in a legal professional to help you. The tarot cannot do that.

Who Will Be My Spouse?

It is not so much that asking the tarot who your spouse will be is unethical. It is just that the tarot cannot narrow down the name of your life-partner. The most you can hope for from a reading of this nature is learning about the type of partner who is the most suitable for you. If you restructure the question by asking ‘what type of partner is the best-suited for me’, then you can learn something about that through the tarot reading.

Does This Individual Hate Me?

It is also not so much that a question of this nature is unethical. However, it is just disempowering to ask, because if you ask whether someone hates you, how will that help you? You will only feel worse if the tarot confirms that someone hates you. Hate is a strong word and a very negative one too. You are better off asking the cards whether or not you are better off moving forward by keeping the individual out of your life or how you can improve your relationship with them if you want to keep them in your life.

Am I Pregnant?

Here is a dicey question to ask. Firstly, you do not consult the tarot cards if you are pregnant. If you suspect you are pregnant, then you to the drugstore to grab a home pregnancy test. Secondly, I find that doing pregnancy readings is unethical. There are tarot readers that do pregnancy and conception readings, and that is their choice. However, in my case, I find it wrong. That falls into the health realm, which is why I wouldn’t say I like to do it, and besides, when I started reading the tarot, I did a pregnancy reading for someone, and I regret doing it. I will write a separate post about this topic soon and elaborate on why I have an issue with it and my experience by doing a pregnancy reading for someone.

The only thing I would do is if I did a relationship reading for someone and saw that pregnancy was a possibility, I would prepare them for the opportunity (Ace of Cups, Ace of Pentacles, Empress, And Seven Of Pentacles can indicate pregnancy)- but I would also say to prepare themselves for something else that those cards can represent as well. I would plant the possibility of it happening but would certainly not make it a sure thing. That is the furthest I would go with that.

Vague Questions

Some tarot readers don’t mind questions from querents such as ‘so what do you see for me for the next six months’, which is too vague. However, for me, I wouldn’t say I like that. I need specific questions. Do you want to know more about your relationships, career, need to learn more about your life purpose, how you can improve yourself, and so on? Vague questions won’t provide you with the meaningful answers and insight that you want.

Asking If Anything Is Set In Stone

I just wrote a blog post about fate, free will, and tarot. I believe that destiny and free will affect your life. Tarot can indicate fated events as well. However, even with that, I would never say to a querent that whatever happens to them ‘is set in stone’. If I see an inevitable outcome happening that you cannot change, I will say that it appears. But, the result can manifest itself in different ways. For instance, if I pull the Tower as the outcome card for someone, sure, it can mean that upheaval will happen. However, the nature of the disruption is something that I cannot necessarily predict. The Tower can also represent something unexpected happening that will help you break free or have a eureka moment.

However, at the same time, there are different ways to work with any development. That is where the free will steps in. Whatever decisions you made are the result of free will. The best thing to do is to wait to see what type of development occurs and then do a tarot reading to gain insight into how to handle the situation the best way.

Now you know what questions to not even think of asking the tarot unless you change and rephrase the questions more ethically. But, if you want to know about legal issues, don’t ask the tarot. Consult a legal professional instead to help you. If you’re going to see if you are pregnant, do not ask the tarot that question. Go take a pregnancy test to find out. If you want to know the name of your life-partner, once again, the tarot cannot help you with that. And please be specific when it comes to asking questions.

And here is a bonus tip: Another easy way to get a fast answer is through Decision Game. The solutions to inquiries that players could have about unimportant problems that arise in daily life are provided in this game in cryptic, sometimes funny ways.


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