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Today, I am going to write about something different and something profound. And before I get into the nitty-gritty of what I will write about, I will ask you this question. If you have gone to a tarot reader or a psychic, did you know a thing about their past? Maybe you do, or you think you do, and you haven’t heard the entire story. Or, perhaps you don’t. Maybe they kept it a secret and have not told anyone. However, there is a good chance that the psychic or tarot reader you visited experienced a lot of childhood trauma, in addition to grief and sadness in their adult years. Perhaps not every psychic or tarot reader in the world has experienced sorrow and tragedy. However, I can bet you that a large majority have a few heartbreaking stories to tell about their childhoods and lives. Before I get into this post’s meat, I will represent a two-card combination, which I will do once a week. The variety of this week is The Five of Cups and Six of Cups Reversed.

What Does The Five Of Cups And Six Of Cups Tarot Card Combination Represent?

five of cups six of cups reversed

Here are the Five of Cups and Six of Cups tarot card combination (Five of Ice and Six of Ice reversed in the Penguin tarot deck). As you know, Five of Cups is a card that represents grief, disappointment, heartache, depression, and sadness. Some think this is a card that represents being upset over something minor. However, I can’t entirely agree. That depends on the reading as well. I feel that the Five of Cups has plenty of similarities to the Three of Swords. The only difference is that the Three of Swords represents receiving heartbreaking news or depressing news. The card can also represent pessimistic and negative thinking. The Swords suit associates with air, so you have communication and thinking with the suit. The Five of Cups is a feeling of sadness and grief, as the Cups suit associates with water, all about emotions.

Now, let’s go to the other card. The Six of Cups upright represents nostalgia, childhood or early adulthood memories, or just memories from the past. And when you look at the upright position, you are thinking of pleasant and comforting memories. However, when you look at the Six of Cups reversed, that is the opposite. Yes, it can represent painful memories, but it also can mean not being able to break away from the past. You live in the past, and whether the memories you have are pleasant or not, it is not healthy. You could be in a much better present situation and struggle to let go of the memories that were not pleasant. That is also what this card in the reversed position can mean. The Six of Cups in reverse can mean the opposite, depending on what other card or cards you have around it. Sometimes it can mean moving on from the past or leaving home.

However, when you string Five of Cups with the Six of Cups reversed, you are seeing a case of someone struggling to let go of past traumas, grief, and sadness. The sadness, despair, and trauma that someone experienced early in their lives affect their mind daily, and that will cause issues such as depression and anxiety. And what does this have to do with intuitive readers and healers, and tarot readers?

Intuitive And Tarot Readers And Psychics Often Had A Traumatic Past

When you look at many of these intuitive readers, you can see this tarot card combination written all over them. I know of so many psychics and tarot readers who have endured bullying and abuse, as well as child loss and other types of tragedies. And my story falls into that category as well.

I was the black sheep of my family, which in itself is challenging to handle. I was also bullied throughout middle school and during my freshman year of high school. Even after the bullying ended, my reputation was still laughable. That was because I was always overweight and had a bad case of acne, as I later was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. I also had awkward social skills, which meant I struggled socially, and I had some learning differences. Therefore, I was an easy target, and when you are the black sheep of the family and being bullied, well, that messes you up. I did not know how to stand up for myself, so I took the abuse. However, the trauma did not end there.

I ended up birthing a child with complex special needs, and I was not equipped to caring for him. I tried, I took him to a variety of therapy, and no matter what I did, I was chastised for not doing any more than I could. And when it comes to special needs parents, it’s like their needs suddenly become irrelevant. That is what happened to me. It did not matter that I struggled with my mental health and physical health and did not get enough sleep. Nevermind the fact that I wasn’t able to be fully attentive to my other typical child. My weight shot up to over 100 lbs overweight, I was angry all of the time, severely depressed, and I was on the brink of losing it. Let’s talk about the fact that I had been mourning for the typical son I longed for, and I am not ashamed to say this. These things need to be said anyway. So, I had no choice but to transfer him to a residential school and group home.

Moving him away from home was the best move I made for my husband, myself, my daughter, and my son. My son could not continue to stay at home, and he is doing so much better where he is too. In addition to that, I went against society’s expectations of being his caregiver for life and did the best and safest thing for him. That was the catalyst for me, for me to begin standing up for myself. I have been vilified for doing this, but those who don’t get it will judge, and I have accepted it. There are plenty of non-empathetic people who will judge you without knowing what it is like to walk even a meter in your shoes. However, even though I have been able to shed the stress that I was under for all of those years and so much of that extra weight, I am still traumatized. I will always be traumatized from all of my painful and heart-wrenching experiences. Is complete healing possible? I have to say; I highly doubt it is.

I can heal on some level, but it is not realistic to believe that you can completely heal. You will always face triggers and painful reminders that can take you back to painful thoughts. The realistic goal is really to be at peace with your past and to accept that it happened. I am trying to get there, but I really have a long way to go. A very long way to go. Was it past life karma? I believe on a large level, it was. I also know that I am a mature soul that is sandwiched between a young soul and an old soul, which can cause a lot of inner turmoil. Old souls can get past trauma much easier than younger souls. Now that you know my story, you are probably wondering why so many intuitive healers, tarot readers, and psychics have had sad and traumatic pasts. I will talk about that.

Why Do Intuitives Have Traumatic Pasts?

What is the purpose of becoming an intuitive reader or healer in the first place? That because of being forced to gain insight into your suffering. When you are forced to self-reflect and look into why you had to suffer in the first place, you strengthen your intuition, and at the same time, you then want to help others understand why they experience their own suffering. When that happens, you open yourself up to the world of metaphysics. Then you begin to use the tools that you relate to the most, whether it is tarot, astrology, mediumship, runes, or I Ching. Simultaneously, your psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and precognitive abilities strengthen.

In my case, I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, and I have strong precognitive abilities. Astrology and tarot are tools that I use to bring me clearer pictures and insight into what I look at, whether for myself, a friend, or a client. However, it is easier to read for a client than for yourself or a friend. Emotion can get in the way, but you can train yourself to become more objective. It depends on the issue you want to look at. However, you may be wondering now if some intuitive readers have coasted in life. Are you sure you really want my opinion on that? I will share it.

Are There Some Readers Who Have Had Easy Lives?

I am going to ask you a question. Imagine being born and blessed with a beautiful figure, beautiful hair, and perfect skin. You also attract people because you have the best social skills. Therefore, you were popular in school and work, grew up with love and acceptance in your family, and you got exceptional grades without even trying hard. You also make plenty of money and never had to struggle financially at all in your life. You also have an easy marriage and smart and healthy kids. Whenever you did have a difficult time, you got all of the support in the world. I mean, I realize that no one has a perfect life. But many others have had fewer challenges, traumatic events, and heartbreak than others. However, that said, if you can relate to this type of life, you coasted along.

If you coast along in life, why would you even have a reason to be self-reflective and look for answers? Why would you even care about looking for different types of insight? That is why I really have a hard time believing that those who had an easy life would be a legitimate reader or healer. Sure, they may still be drawn to metaphysics, but oftentimes, not for the right reasons. Those who have had easy lives who have an interest in tarot may dabble into it because of the fascination with it. However, I don’t believe they would have a true motivation of providing readings for the sake of helping others gain insight into their struggles. That is because they possibly cannot relate to those who have struggled on a profound level.

Unfortunately, some have coasted along become charlatans if they decide to become a ‘psychic reader’. These people will exploit you and take your money, take advantage of your desperation, and feed you bullshit. An intuitive reader who has really suffered in life will not do that because they understand what it is like to struggle and seek answers for why you were dealt a difficult hand. That is why I have difficulty believing that those who coasted along in life could be empathetic, compassionate, and insightful intuitive readers.

There may be the token person who had an easy life but gifted with strong psychic abilities, strong empathy, and compassion. However, that is the exception and not the rule. Therefore, if you know of a legitimate and caring intuitive reader, the odds are extremely high that they entered that field because they went through hell.

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