One of the reasons that tarot cards are a great tool for anyone is that they can relate to anything that is a part of life. They relate to anything that is a part of your struggles, triumphs, events, situations, and even part of things that you simply encounter on a daily basis.

The fact of the matter is that mental illness plagues a lot of people. Even though there are is a lot more awareness around mental illnesses that have reduced a lot of the stigma it used to have, the stigma is still there. As someone who struggles with depression, I want to do what I can to smash it. Therefore, I bring awareness about it in other ways. And I will be blogging about it here as well. Let’s first talk about what depression really is before delving into things further.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a condition that is characterized by:

  • Sadness
  • Hopelessness
  • Loss of enthusiasm in things you once enjoyed
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Appetite changes
  • Weight changes
  • Low libido
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Problems with concentration
  • Physical aches and pains
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive issues
  • Suicidal ideation or when it is severe, attempts

These symptoms would have to be present for at least two weeks for there to be a diagnosis, and the treatment for depression is medication and therapy, and sometimes medication cannot help if you are resistant. Either way, if you have these symptoms of depression, you need to seek treatment right away. Especially if you are starting to have suicidal thoughts. There are different degrees and types of depression. Mothers that have given birth that exhibit these symptoms have postpartum depression.

Those that are undergoing a lot of stress and are dealing with a stressful period such as the situation regarding the pandemic, that is situational depression. If you are depressed from caregiving, then that is caregiver depression. However, if none of those things are happening and you are struggling with depression due to chemical imbalances, then that is clinical depression which is what I struggle with, or Major Depressive Disorder.

In fact, what I want to do today is to go over the seven tarot spreads for depression. Let’s go over those cards right now.

What Tarot Cards Represent Depression?

There are seven cards that best represent depression:

Five Of Cups

Five of Cups

Five of Cups

Five of Cups is the tarot card that represents disappointment and sadness. This card generally comes up in readings that have to do with relationships or friendships that have ended. There are feelings of sadness and remorse that cannot be released and are taking up the mind and heart. This card often comes up as well whenever someone is sad about something they had their hopes on not working out.

Eventually, under normal circumstances, those feelings of sadness do fade when it comes to disappointment from a lost love, a friendship that went bad, or hopes and dreams being dashed. What happens when those feelings of sadness and disappointment are persistent and won’t disappear? That is one major aspect of depression.

Queen Of Cups Reversed

queen of cups reversed

Queen of Cups Reversed

The Queen of Cups represents someone who is very nurturing, compassionate, as well as sensitive, and being motherly. However, when this card is in reverse, this represents someone who is detached and isolated from something or someone. They are unable to face up to reality and will remain in denial of the situation they are in.

When this happens for a prolonged period of time, it causes one to bottle up their feelings and they begin to feel hopeless. They feel like the victim. They don’t address their emotions, and it can definitely represent falling into a serious depression. This card can also represent caregiver depression as well as postpartum depression.

Five Of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles is a tarot card that represents ill health, poverty, and debt. You don’t generally tie emotions to this earthy suit. However, your physical and financial well-being will have an impact on your mental health. As you see the Five of Pentacles is represents financial hardship and debt as well as ill physical health. Therefore, it can easily represent neglect on an emotional level and a feeling of helplessness.

When you are in serious financial hardship and there is no one who can help, and if you are dealing with a chronic illness, you are going to feel quite helpless. As the situation keeps worsening and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, you cannot help but end up in a depression. This card, therefore, is also linked to situational depression.

However, even if there are no financial hardships involved, depression is a chemical imbalance that represents mental illness. That is an illness that can be represented alone by this card.

Three Of Swords

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is the heartbreak tarot card and it represents sadness, heartache, pain, and grief. This card can represent pain after facing a heartbreaking loss. And it can be indicative of not having the ability to become free of the pain that is self-inflicted. Therefore, it is very true that you can worsen a situation if you ruminate over it as it will keep reminding yourself of the sadness around it. You will then feel there is no escape from the sadness and pain.

Therefore, this card can certainly be indicative of any type of depression that you could be suffering from as well. There may be no loss that had occurred. But if you are persistently heartbroken within, then that is depression.

Eight Of Swords

Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords represents believing you are imprisoned as the card has the subject blindfolded as they are surrounded by eight swords. There is the belief that you are trapped, restricted, and there is just no way out of this prison. This prison is within when it comes to the Eight of Swords, and that is exactly what depression is about. You feel completely trapped in so much sadness and pain.

Nine Of Swords

Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords is the nightmare card. The subject is awake at night with the hands covering their face, and you can say this card is more related to anxiety. Yes, this card would be one that represents anxiety as well as depression. However, the thing that comes to mind with the Nine of Swords is the inability to sleep at night due to negative thoughts going through your mind.

Insomnia is a common symptom of depression. You have these unpleasant thoughts about yourself and your situation that are keeping you up at night. This is exactly what this card represents which is why it is also associated with depression. This card also represents feelings of grief, regret, and sadness which are once again associated with depression. Especially if these feelings consume you.

Ten Of Swords

Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords is the card that represents endings to the point that there is no return. Someone who has fallen deep into a depression will feel that they are so lost that they can never go back to being who they once were before they fell into a serious depression. However, because this card really does represent the loss of something, this card is more tied to both grief and depression. And one of the five stages of grief is depression.

Depression is a terrible mental health condition, but the good news is that there is a lot of help around for treating it whether it is through therapy and medication, or therapy alone. No one should ever suffer in silence, and if you are suspecting that you are struggling with depression, please speak up. Don’t suffer in silence anymore and help break the stigma.