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Many people are familiar with the tarot when it comes to pulling one card to provide you with guidance for a day, or the common 3-card past/present/future spread. And many are also familiar with the Celtic Cross spread which I have my own version of by the way because you can become creative with using your own spreads that are fitting to you – and more will be written about that another time. 

However, the beauty of the tarot is that you can use it to provide you with guidance for anything! And you can also use it to answer yes and no questions. But you have to be specific with what you are asking. For instance, you won’t get a clear answer if you ask something like Should I go to bed at the usual time tonight? No. If you want to know the answer to that question, then be specific and ask instead Should I go to bed at 10 pm tonight? 

Now, the next step is to do a 3-card spread. The same way you would do a past/present/future spread. Instead, you are going to get a specific answer to your question which is why you will ask the question 3 times as you pull the cards up. 

Now, you need to know what cards represent yes, what cards represent no, and what cards are neutral. 

The yes cards are all of the cards that are pulled in an upright position that do not represent neutral answers or no as the answer. So now let’s look at the cards that represent no as an answer:

  • 3 of Swords
  • 5 of Swords
  • 6 of Swords
  • 7 of Swords
  • 8 of Swords
  • 9 of Swords
  • 10 of Swords
  • Knight of Swords
  • 5 of Cups
  • 7 of Cups
  • 8 of Cups
  • 5 of Pentacles
  • Death
  • The Devil
  • The Tower
  • The Moon

Now let’s check out the neutral cards:

  • 4 of Swords
  • 4 of Cups
  • The Hermit
  • The Hanged Man

There are only two exceptions to this and when you see the 2 of Swords and 10 of Wands, it means the answer is still unknown. If you get the 5 or 7 of Wands, then the answer is yes but be prepared for a battle on your hands.

What does this all mean you are asking?

If you get 3 cards that represent yes in the reading, then you have a definite yes to your answer. If you end up with 2 yes cards but one no or neutral card, then the answer is still yes but expect there to be a delay. If you have all the cards that represent no, then you know what your answer is. The same goes for 2 neutral cards and a no card. It’s no. If you get one card of each in a reading, then the answer is not known and you will want to wait a day to repeat the reading. 

Also, keep in mind that reversals mean no as well. And if you get a reversal of a no card, then that means HELL NO! Now you have it. You can learn to use the tarot to answer simple yes or no questions!

And by the way, I did not come up with this on my own! I got this from Liz Dean in her book, The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Spreads. Because I can’t take the credit for something I did not create!

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