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Are you both looking into getting a tarot reading as well as learning how to use tarot? That is great! Both are great! However, as you learn about the tarot and how it works, you will need to know what there is to know about the tarot card practice. This means you will need to know about the pros and cons of reading tarot cards. And yes, there are cons and it is true as it is coming from a tarot reader. This means you need to know about the positive and negative qualities of tarot cards. Let’s check out the pros first:

Tarot Card Pros

Learn about the advantages right here:

  • Tarot cards can provide excellent insight into a situation that you are experiencing currently. If you are going to a reader or you are reading the cards for yourself, you can ask the cards specifically to help you figure out what is happening in a current situation. But you need to be specific with what you are asking, and you will receive the insight that you are looking for. 
  • A tarot reading can give you insight as far as future events are concerned. And at the same time, it is important to remember that you have free will which means you have the power to change your future outcome on any given circumstance. With that said, if anything, it can provide you with the guidance you need. 
  • Major themes in your life can be interpreted through a tarot reading and this can help you understand what you are experiencing currently.
  • Tarot cards provide you with the opportunity to help you sharpen your intuition and psychic abilities. Everyone has it, and some have it stronger than others. However, just like muscles need to be worked with by using gym equipment, the same applies to sharpen your intuition. Tarot cards are comparable to gym equipment. You need to exercise your muscles to stay physically fit by using the equipment the same way you need to exercise your intuition by using tarot cards. 
  • Tarot cards can reveal the lessons for you and your loved ones and make them clearer so you can tackle them and find a way to do so easier. 

Those are the pros. Now let’s look at the cons. 

Tarot Card Cons

Yes, there are disadvantages that I will be covering now:

  • Tarot cards can be a great source of confusion if you misread them which is why it is important to not only know the meanings behind the cards but to be confident in your intuition as well. And if you are going to a tarot reader, you will want to look at reviews before getting a reading so the reader doesn’t end up giving you misinformation which can cause some harm!
  • They can be a cheating tool for those who are pretending to be psychic but really are not. It is not a case of not interpreting the cards properly. It is a case of it being a tool that is used by con artists. Again, this is why it is important to get reviews on readers. 
  • Be prepared to learn about a negative event or something you don’t want to hear about. If you do a daily reading and either the 10 Of Swords, or the 3 Of Swords, or The Tower comes up, well that will be the day to go back to bed! That is something to prepare yourself for. 

Now you know about the pros and cons of tarot readings. Weigh them both and then go from there as far as what to do when it comes to going for a reading or practicing a reading. 

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