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RWS deck

If you are interested in reading tarot cards for the first time, congratulations. You will be embarking on an exciting journey. Therefore, it is no wonder that you would be questioning what tarot cards you should buy. You likely have been told that you must buy the Rider Waite Smith deck which is the deck where you would learn tarot the easiest.

However, in my case, I never was drawn to that particular deck so I did not purchase it. My answer to that is that you will want to get a deck that you are drawn to, but at the same time, you will want to make sure that you can work with it easily as well. Therefore, if you end up getting a deck that you may be drawn to that you end up finding to be confusing, especially since you are a beginner, then it is best to put that deck on hold. Put that deck on hold and then go and look for other decks that you may be drawn to that are easier to learn.

You may be wondering which decks are recommended for beginners if you don’t want to go for the Rider Waite Smith deck. Here is a list of decks that are good for beginners and there is a good chance you will be drawn to at least one of them:

Go through this list, and then go find the deck that you are the most drawn to. Then make that purchase. You will then have an easy time learning the tarot by using that deck. And once you are more confident, you can begin to work with the deck that you were drawn to initially and begin using that one.

And by the way, there is no rule with how many decks you can own. Some tarot fanatics own over 100 decks. They don’t necessarily use all of those decks. They like to keep in on their shelves for decoration. And some do end up selling them or giving them away or trading them as well.

However, that is not something I recommend you right away. I suggest that you start with one deck, and choose something from the easiest decks to learn from – then you can expand! Good luck with it and have fun.

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