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Think about the area of your life where you feel the most wounded. And, you are so impacted by what wounded you to the point that you want to heal others who are suffering the same way that you suffered from the wound. For instance, if you are a child that was from a broken home that resulted from infidelity, that would have had such a severe impact on you.

Therefore, you were a child and you understood one thing: One of your parents lied to the other even if you were too young to comprehend the fact that one cheated on the other. Then you learned about the truth when you were mature enough to know about why your parents divorced.

That moved you so much that you became a marriage counselor because you wanted to help other struggling couples find a middle ground. Even if that means in the end a few couples who have gone to you for help ended up divorcing, you did not want the reason for it to be because of one of them committing adultery.

You encouraged your clients if their marriage was not salvageable no matter how much they tried to make it that way that they parted amicably and with integrity. You are the wounded healer, and Chiron in your horoscope will be indicative of that. With this type of placement, you either have Chiron in Libra or Scorpio or the Seventh or Eighth House which depends on many factors.

What Is Chiron?

Chiron is an asteroid that was discovered in 1977 that is located between Saturn and Uranus and there is no set time for how long it stays in each sign. Its movement is quite erratic. Chiron is the wounded healer which represents the example described above. The legend is that in Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur who is half-human and half-horse who was abandoned by his mother at birth. He also was wounded by a poisoned arrow, and against all odds, he healed from that experience.

Therefore, he found a way to get through his pain and taught others who were hurting to do the same thing. The area where Chiron is in your chart is the area where you are the most wounded. And, you also find yourself helping others heal from the pain that caused your wounds. Even if you are not completely healed yourself, and you are learning along the way, you can help others heal.

I feel that the area of your chart where Chiron ends up is karmic and it teaches you in this lifetime where you have to focus on healing the most. Before I talk about my experiences, I will quickly go over Chiron through the signs (and houses) and what they mean. By the way, you have two areas in your life where you have to heal that are intertwined which is based on your sign and your house. And if you have signs that are natural rulers of your houses such as your Ascendant in Aries, then you will have a major focus on that area to heal if Chiron happens to be there.

Chiron In Aries Or The First House

When you have Chiron in Aries or the First House, you are meant to discover who you are. And this means that pain would have been inflicted upon you at an early age by your parents or your experiences at school making you question your identity.

Maybe you had too many restrictions put upon you during your childhood to the point that you lost your sense of self. Or you may have been told repeatedly that your worth didn’t mean anything. Your job in this lifetime is to find who you are and help others find who they are, and their worth as you find yours.

Chiron In Taurus Or The Second House

This area represents a wound in your overall worth, which means your financial worth and your self-worth. Perhaps when you were young your parents overindulged you and bought you things you wanted but they did not give you the affection and love you needed. Or maybe you grew up very poor. But somewhere along the way, a critical transit caused your perspectives to change. Perhaps you ended up with a huge loss if your parents were wealthy and indulged you which opened your eyes.

Maybe you learned how to develop a healthy relationship with money as well as finding your self-worth. And once you successfully have or in the process of doing so, you are helping others in your position.

Chiron In Gemini Or The Third House

This is definitely a hard placement because it affects speech, learning, and communication in general. Perhaps you had a learning disability or a condition like ADHD, and you were condemned and made fun of by your parents, siblings or by school bullies. Or, you were told to never express your thoughts as well.

However, at some point along the way, you became a master communicator by writing, or even doing speeches and communication became your forte.

Chiron In Cancer Or The Fourth House

When you were growing up, you felt insecure around your family as you were the lost child or the black sheep. You were the unfavored child or, your parents were incredibly hard on you. You also believed that your needs were never meant to be acknowledged, and you were forced to believe that your sole purpose was to neglect your own needs and to take care of the needs of others.

However, after going through a critical time, you realized that was never the case and you developed the knowledge that your needs are just as important as the needs of others. And you would be teaching others the same thing. There is an element of self-worth as well, being repaired.

Chiron In Leo Or The Fifth House

You were basically made to believe during your childhood that you were not allowed to have fun and that you were not allowed to express your creativity. You definitely lived in a very restrictive environment. You still did it in private and would be condemned if you were to bring it out. However, along the way, you found your creative niche, and perhaps went into creative writing, acting, or music and taught others to do the type of work they love and find to be fun.

It is also possible that you experienced infertility as well, but easy aspects to Chiron would usually result in success with intervention. A Chiron in this placement that is debilitated may not.

Chiron In Virgo Or The Sixth House

You would have endured a lot of health issues as a child and may have had issues with hygiene. Perhaps you lived in a dirty home and were sick often as a result. However, along the way, you discovered that sticking to a healthy lifestyle would keep you healthy and you would teach others to do the same thing. Perhaps a health scare brought you to this point due to a critical transit. Many nutritionists, dieticians, and health and fitness coaches have this placement.

Chiron In Libra Or The Seventh House

You may have come from a broken home or you watched one of your parents commit adultery. You would have a problem with forming relationships with others and if you do, you would end up becoming too dependant on them. On the flip side, you may end up getting married very early because you feel you must have to be with someone. That is because you may base your self-worth on whether you are in a relationship or not.

However, if you find a way to heal, you may go into relationship or marriage counseling, or become a relationship coach.

Chiron In Scorpio Or The Eighth House

Chiron in Scorpio or the Eighth House is a very difficult placement. This could represent you experiencing a serious loss at a young age, or you were sexually assaulted at a young age. You would have had a loss early on of a loved one at an early age that traumatized you. Or you could have encountered something that had a severe impact on you psychologically. This is the most intense placement for Chiron, therefore, whatever happened to you in the past caused you to struggle and fight with you throughout life.

Oftentimes, those who have this placement do tap into their psychic side to help them make sense of it. They would be the ones to be most likely to tie their extreme and traumatic hardships to karma. They are forced to transform when it comes to healing which also makes this placement very difficult.

Chiron In Sagittarius Or The Ninth House

It is quite possible that you grew up in a setting where your parents severely restricted you and perhaps even abused you due to their strict religious beliefs. You could never feel safe to express views that differed from theirs that had to do with religion or politics due to the fear of the consequences that you would face as a result.

However, there would be a point in your life where you would begin to form your own political and spiritual beliefs and rely on those. Many people who have this placement that experienced what was noted do end up cutting their families out of their lives or limiting contact with them for obvious reasons.

Chiron In Capricorn Or The Tenth House

The wounds would be very similar to those who have this placement in Cancer or the Fourth House. Natives with this placement would feel like the black sheep and would have been rejected among their families and peers. This made them believe they were not good enough. And sadly those who rejected them did not think they were.

However, natives with this placement became driven to succeed for ego-driven reasons. They would have worked their way up to become a leader or have a high position of power. Those who have this placement would be at risk of becoming obsessed with their careers or powerful positions. Therefore, the areas where they would have to heal would be to develop ambitions that have nothing to do with their egos. And along the way, they may make this realization and help others who are in the same position.

Chiron In Aquarius Or In The Eleventh House

You were rejected as a child because you were seen as ‘different’ and perhaps even ‘eccentric’ and you were made to believe that you were not worthy of achieving your dreams. And you had a hard time accepting your uniqueness and differences because you were made to believe they were flawed.

The healing starts when you begin to embrace your differences and you take it a step further by helping others who are experiencing the same thing. You will see that you are worthy of anything you wish for regardless of what you were told in the past.

Chiron In Pisces Or In The Twelfth House

This is a water sign and a water house like Cancer and Scorpio, or the Fourth and Eighth Houses. Therefore, this is a very tricky placement for Chiron. As a child, you were so empathetic that you absorbed so much energy from other people and environments. And if you lived in a home that was not nurturing, you would have been severely impacted.

The effects of this would have resulted in poor health whether it would have been mental illnesses, chronic physical illnesses, or both. Many of those with this placement are also highly psychic and may shun their abilities for a long time due to fear. However, once they can accept them and make use of them, they can help themselves and others as they learn shielding techniques along the way.

In my case, I have Chiron in Aries and in the Fourth House. I have had many issues with self-esteem and I was the black sheep of the family. I was picked on a lot, and I have found myself to be struggling with my past for a long time. I will always be a work in progress. However, discovering astrology and tarot both have helped in many ways, as I have been able to help others learn about their struggles from their past by using both methods.

And at the ages of 49 to 51, you go through what is called the Chiron return. You are forced to face all of the wounds from your pasts during that time. And mine is coming in the next few years which I believe is part of why the past issues are bubbling up. I also am sure that is the result of the effects of the pandemic as tough times like these do make you self-reflect more. From what I have heard from others who went through their Chiron Return is that they found the time after it was over liberating. I also believe that.




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