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Everyone pulls a Pinnochio at some point in their lives, and that is no lie. Some people lie more than others, and some are pathological liars. Fortunately, that is not the norm, and the average person will not have a reason to lie unless they feel that is the only way to deliver a message. Either, they will lie to someone to spare their feelings. If you ask them if you look good in your new outfit, they will tell you that you look great. Even if they think you look terrible in your new outfit. They only feel they have to lie to spare your feelings.

People lie to save their asses if they did something that could get them into trouble. If they tell a false story about what they did or withheld the truth by not saying anything, that is a lie. That is something that even the kindest people will do from time to time. Telling the occasional lie is human nature, and even though it is wrong, and even though telling lies can betray someone if they find out, it isn’t a crime in most cases if you are not covering up something that can have dire legal implications, such as committing theft or adultery.

However, if you told your significant other that you went to the bank when, in reality, you had an overwhelming craving for a Starbucks latte, that is a lie. Not a malicious one, but if you did not want to let them know that you went to get a latte for whatever reason – of course, you would lie about going somewhere else if you felt the need to tell a lie. Perhaps your significant other made a critical comment about you drinking too many lattes because they are high in sugar and calories.

The fact of the matter is that if you need to lie to someone, you have a reason to have that need. There is a lack of trust on your part. Perhaps you did something you enjoy, and you were harshly criticized for doing it, such as buying a pair of expensive shoes. For you to buy another pair of shoes or do the thing you enjoy the most again, you don’t want to bring it up to that individual who judged you. Therefore, you will lie about what you really did if you need to do it again. However, that instance will become tricky. When you magically have a new pair of shoes in your closet, how will you explain it is getting there? Oh, well, that is an easy one. Someone gave that pair of shoes to you as a gift, which is an easy lie to tell. And no, I am not encouraging anyone to lie. I am just giving examples of common lies that people tell.

Now, let’s talk about lying and tarot cards. You already know that tarot cards never lie. You may think they do if you are not clear enough with your question you are asking them when you want to get the result for something. But that is not the fault of the cards. That has to do with the fact that you did not ask a clear question. Another thing that never lies is your intuition, which is why your cards don’t lie. However, I am not talking about you questioning the answers that your tarot cards give you. I am going to talk about the seven tarot cards that most represent someone who is lying!

The Magician Reversed

Magician reversed

The Magician upright is a card that does not represent lying at all. That is the card that represents power, creativity, skills, influence, logic, resourcefulness, and intellect. However, when the Magician is in reverse, that can represent greed, manipulation, not being trustworthy, trickery, cunning, and conniving behavior. That is a clear representation of a liar.

You can have someone who has the traits of the Magician upright as far as having a logical and smart mind. But their intentions are far from pure. They can use the skills, creativity, and smarts they have and use it to create a lie or some form of deceptive and manipulation tactic. Someone who is a smooth talker that talks their way out of trouble can be represented by this card. The Magician reversed can represent someone who is catfishing others online, which is one of the biggest lies imaginable.

The Moon

The Moon

The Moon

The Moon represents anything that is hidden and your shadow side. Lying is something that you can associate this card with as you want to not just hide the truth from others or yourself. However, you avoid the truth, which means you lie to yourself about something to keep it a mystery purposely. That is even though your intuition tells you that there is only so much you can hide.

For instance, you know, deep down that you had gained a lot of weight. But you keep avoiding that reality by purposely ignoring the fact that your clothes are tight. You refuse to make positive changes to your diet. You don’t acknowledge this fact, so you keep it hidden from yourself. However, there is only so much you can hide. Deep down, you know this is a fact, which is why you hate having your picture taken, or you are purposely avoiding seeing someone because you know they will comment on your weight. Hiding truths from others as well are represented by the Moon.

Seven Of Swords

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is the ultimate lying card. That is the card that represents deception, trickery, lies, manipulation, and dishonesty. Anything that this card associates to have to do with dishonesty, manipulation, and deception. However, there are times when honesty is not the best policy. Especially if you have to use manipulation tactics to get what you need. If you have a sick or disabled child and need extra funds and resources from the government so you can help your child and survive at the same time, you have to pull some manipulation tactics to get it. If you cannot do it yourself, you can have someone like a doctor who can do so on your behalf. Therefore, if you are in this position and this card comes up, especially if you have a positive card such as the Star or the Sun, this is necessary.

However, the Seven of Swords often represent someone who lies to you or is not honest with them for selfish reasons. That is also the card representing you being dishonest with yourself the same way the Moon tarot card can.

The Devil

The Devil

The Devil

The Devil is the card that represents obsessions and addictions. When you are giving into an addiction or obsession that is taking over your life, that will cause you to lie out of desperation. You only want to keep your addiction going, which means you will lie and say you are doing other things when the reality is that you are giving in to your addiction. For instance, if you are a workaholic and the idea of socializing and relaxing stresses you, you will find different things to lie about to cover for your workaholism.

If you worked all night again and your partner confronted you about it, you will not hesitate to tell them that you met up with a friend for a drink. The reality is that you did not do that, and you kept working. That is how the Devil is a card that represents lies. In addition to that, an addiction or an unhealthy obsession makes you believe that you need the thing you are addicted to or obsessed with to survive. That is the biggest lie ever when it comes to yourself.

Knight Of Cups Reversed

Knight of Cups reversed

The Knight of Cups reversed is a hopeless romantic that cannot contain his emotions and can be prone to mood swings and melancholy. That is not really a card that screams out ‘liar’ except for the fact that the Knight of Cups reversed does anything to avoid conflict. That represents someone who will lie out of their risk for a conflict because the idea of getting into a fight frightens them.

You can also say that the Knight of Cups reversed is the type to be melancholic. That card depicts someone who walks around mopey, and you ask them what is wrong. They will respond that they are fine and will not even talk about a problem they had even though it is on their mind. There is a lot of dishonesty related to this card in the reversed position.

Page Of Cups Reversed

Page of Swords reversed

The Page of Cups reversed represents someone who is extremely immature and does not express their emotions. They will act through childish behaviors. You can think of someone who sneaks a cookie in the kitchen and runs off with it. Then you notice that there are fewer cookies in the jar, and when you ask the one who stole the cookie about it – they will respond by pretending not to know what happened to the cookie.

In reverse, when you think of this card, it represents dishonesty displayed through immature and childish behavior, such as the one example provided.

Five Of Swords

Five of Swords

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords is the conflict card. It is the card that represents harsh words exchanged, defeat, betrayal, bullying, and being lied to. There is also manipulation used with this card as the one who is fighting with you will make things up to just upset you and to gaslight you. Either way, when this card comes up, there is going to be a feeling of defeat.

On the flip side, this card comes up whenever there is a discovery of a lie told. You will confront the individual who lied to you, and you will end up feeling defeated regardless of how the argument goes. The lie ruined your trust.

Now you know which cards represent lies, dishonesty, and manipulation. And if any of those cards come up in a relationship reading, or reading about a friend or a family member – then there is a good chance that dishonesty or lies have been told.

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