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seven of wands

Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands (Seven of Fire in the Penguin tarot) is the card that represents challenges headed your way as well as competition. But this card is about protecting what you have and what you have worked for. This is the card that also represents perseverance. You are going to keep persevering no matter what gets into your way.

The Six of Wands is indicative of the success you have had and the accomplishments you have made. However, the Seven of Wands reveals that there are challenges. It has to do with the competition that you will be facing. Others want to copy what you have done and therefore, they are competing with you. They want to be in your place. They want what you have earned. And they will work for it.

As flattering as it is to know that your hard work has impressed others to the point they want to compete with you, it becomes. stressful. And this will force you to protect what you have, protect what you have worked for, and be prepared to face the challenges presented by this situation.

The truth is the more visibility you have, the larger your odds are that someone out there will have the same ideas as you do and become your competitors.

When the Seven of Wands comes up in reverse, it is a sign that you have given up. You are exhausted. You have thrown in the towel because of the fact that you are overwhelmed. Many times that is a mistake, but there are other times when it is the best thing to do. It depends on the situation you are facing.

seven of wands tarot minor arcana

Astrologically this card is tied to Mars in Leo.

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