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If you are looking for a partner and if you are wondering how and when you will meet the love of your life, all you have to do is get out there and sign up on platforms such as Tinder or eHarmony, and be truthful about who you are. And if you really are looking for a way to indicate that a relationship is in the cards, you can always go to a tarot reader to have a relationship reading done. Or if you know a little about the tarot itself and you want to know which cards you pull that is indicative of love being on the way, let’s go over 5 of those cards right now.

5 Tarot Cards That Indicate a New Relationship Is On The Way

1. The Hierophant

This card is the card of conformity but also stability, and it is ruled by the zodiac sign Taurus which is the most secure sign. Oftentimes this comes up when there is a wedding in the future, and this is a great card to see when you are looking for a partner because it may be indicative that you may even meet ‘the one’.

2. The Emperor

This is another card that represents structure and whenever this card comes up in a relationship reading, it either means you will find the one that will help bring order to your life or if you are in a relationship, it will become even more solid. This card shows either way that a solid relationship is on the way for you!

3. Two Of Cups

This is a card that represents a commitment in a relationship and this is a good card to come up if you are not in one yet as you will meet someone who you will be in a committed relationship with. It does not necessarily mean it is ‘the one’ showing up, but it definitely shows that you will be connecting with a mate at some point!

4. The Lovers

This is an obvious card when it comes to relationships. It is a card about making choices but it is also one that shows that the choice you make will mean you are ready to make the commitment. This is why this card is perfect for a relationship reading. You have chosen our mate and you have chosen to make the commitment to be in a relationship.

5. Four Of Wands

This is the celebration card, and when you see this card come up in a relationship reading, it is great news. This means you will meet the love of your life and be able to celebrate life with your new mate.

However, it is important to go out there again and get into the dating world. Nothing will happen if you don’t regardless of what the cards say. Fo you know of other cards that can be indicative of a relationship coming your way, or the one you are in strengthening? Then why not share those cards here so we can all learn something new each day.

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