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I touched on a little bit of medical astrology last week, which I picked up from Healthline. And here are some more about it. Even though you would want to take it with a grain of salt and consult with a doctor instead, it is still fascinating. 

Do you know what your weak spot corresponds to your zodiac sign? Due to the growth and advancement in medicine, no one looks at this anymore. Astrology is still not considered a science. However, if you think about it, the health issues you have had correlate to your sun sign in one form or another. Your rising and moon signs can be an influence as well. What is your weak spot based on planetary influences? Let’s find out. 


Aries rules the head, the face, and the ears. Therefore, it is pretty common for those with this sign to struggle with migraines, ear infections, and eye infections. You can also notice that Aries may have neurological disorders because of how the sign rules the head. Dental problems can also happen through teeth even though that ties to Capricorn, but it still is part of the mouth, so going to regular dentist appointments is essential.  


Taurus rules the throat, the neck and co-rules the sinus and lung area. Therefore, those with this sun sign may be prone to tonsillitis, vocal cords, metabolism issues, sinus infections, and thyroid disorders. Respiratory issues can also be a problem with this sign which can mean conditions such as bronchitis or pneumonia may happen more often.


Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, hands, nervous system, and co-rules lungs with Taurus. It is possible to deal with plenty of shoulder pain as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. Anxiety and depression are strongly possible because Gemini is overthinking what they do since it is a sign ruled by Mercury. Bronchitis and pneumonia are also more common as well. 


Cancer rules the stomach area, and as a result, digestive issues are highly likely to happen to those with this sun sign. Issues such as GERD or indigestion are common. And because Cancer being emotional as it is, that can cause imbalances in the stomach. Therefore, indigestion and other issues are likely to happen. 


Leo rules the heart as well as the back. And this is why those who have this sun sign can be prone to upper back problems and disc issues that can cause severe back pain. They also need to watch their cardiovascular health as heart diseases could happen more often to those who have this sun sign. 


Virgo rules the lower digestive system and intestines, as well as the nervous system. And those with this sun sign are prone to neuroses. Significantly since those with this sun sign can overthink and be consumed with perfectionism which is not suitable for their mental health. They are also prone to disorders with the intestines and the lower digestive system, such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and gas pains. Nervousness can worsen those issues as well. 


Libra rules the glands, skin, and kidneys. That means those who have the Libra sign are prone to allergies and other glandular disorders. Skin problems such as acne, eczema, and other skin conditions are also likely with the Libra. And kidney problems such as frequent infections are also expected under Libra. It is always best to drink plenty of water as it helps keep the skin and kidneys healthy. 


Scorpio rules the bladder as well as genitals. That means that conditions that have to do with the genitals are common for Scorpio, whether it is a problem with libido or even fertility-related issues for men and women. Bladder infections can happen more as well, so always keep an eye on symptoms such as itching and frequent urination. 


Sagittarius rules the liver, thighs, and hips. Extra weight can pack itself in the thighs and hips. Also, hip conditions that increase the need for hip replacement surgery are likely. The liver is also vulnerable to illnesses such as hepatitis and fatty liver. Drink in moderation as that is especially important to the Sagittarius as the liver can quickly become damaged. 


Capricorn rules joints, bones, and the entire skeletal area. That means arthritis is joint in those with Capricorn and is prone to bone conditions such as osteoporosis. Aries can also share dental problems among Capricorn, so be sure to keep your dentist appointments regular and go for bone density scans as prescribed. 


Aquarius rules ankles, calves, shins, and the circulatory and cardiovascular system, along with Leo. Aquarius may be prone to spraining ankles and calves, so being mindful of the steps to take is essential. Also, keep your heart health regularly monitored as well as watching your blood pressure. 


Pisces rule the feet and toes. That means that problems with the foot can be familiar with Pisces, such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, and bunions can also happen. That means if you are a Pisces, you will want to get referred to a podiatrist. 

By the way, this is not necessarily relevant to your sun sign. Check your moon and rising signs as that can also affect your health. Better yet, once again, look at your genetic history, and you will have a better picture of your health. 

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