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I have already talked about how beneficial it is when transiting Saturn crosses your Ascendant or conjuncts your Sun because it means that the energies are there for you to be successful with weight loss. I have had transiting Saturn in my first house for a while and I did lose a lot of weight. And Saturn is sticking around in my first house for still a while longer which is a good thing. 

And the reason I say it is a good thing is that it will help me stay leaner (though I have been yoyoing slightly due to weight loss fatigue but not allowing myself to get to where I was before). However, the fact of the matter is that I am glad for Saturn to be sticking around is because transiting Jupiter has crossed my Ascendant already. And even though Jupiter is the Great Benefic, it can have some downsides as well. Additionally, my Ascendant is in late Sagittarius. Jupiter crossing the first house or conjunct the Sun can create energies where weight gain is likely. 

Jupiter And Weight Gain

However, even though Jupiter crossing your Ascendant or conjuncting your Sun usually does represent weight gain, it does not mean you will end up gaining a lot of weight either. It can be just a matter of a few pounds here and there. With this transit, your metabolism may become somewhat sluggish but it does not mean you are going to gain 50 lbs in a short time. You may just gain two or three lbs. Remember you have free will so you know what energies you are dealing with and you know what to do to keep things in control. 

But transiting Jupiter crossing your Ascendant or conjuncting your Sun does not only mean that the likelihood of weight gain is higher. There are some good things that happen too when this planet is making a transit in these core areas of your horoscope. This can indicate that you will expand your horizons, and expand your way of thinking. 

How Can Jupiter Benefit You When It Crosses Your Ascendant?

Starting new businesses, and starting new hobbies, and taking new classes is also what often happens as a result of transiting Jupiter’s influence. You may also be traveling to new places (which is difficult to do during the pandemic, however the pandemic won’t last forever either), or taking up new languages. You may expand as well as change your spiritual beliefs. However, that does not necessarily mean you will change your spiritual beliefs unless transiting Jupiter trines or sextiles your natal Pluto or Uranus. 

I’ll give you an example of what that means. You have been practicing one particular religion. You have the urge to add something more to how you practice. Perhaps you are urged to start adding some prayers to your ritual or observe holidays you have not observed in the past. You may also have the urge to become more spiritual than you were before. You are adding more to how you practice your spiritual beliefs or religion. That is how Jupiter transiting your first house can have an impact on you. That also depends on the influences of your natal ninth house which is the area of your chart that rules religion and spirituality.

If Pluto or Uranus is in your ninth house (or Scorpio or Aquarius is on the cusp), then a conversion could be possible. Maybe. That is just one example of how Jupiter crossing your Ascendent does not only mean that you will gain weight.

What You Focus On Expands

In fact, the best thing to do if you know that transiting Jupiter is crossing your Ascendant or Sun, don’t put too much energy into fearing that you will gain a lot of weight. If you do that, then you will gain a lot of weight. Always remember that what you focus on expands, so to speak. Remember again, you are in control of this to a large degree. What you will want to do is put your energy into other ways on how you will expand yourself. This is really a time for you to shine.

In fact, you can put a lot of your energy into looking into other methods to stay lean as well if you are quite concerned about weight gain. I am not talking about going on the next fad diet. I mean methods for modifying behavior that has proven to work in the past for others that you have not tried. There is a good chance you have not.

For instance, if you have been around the weight loss block like I have many times, then you will find that trying the same methods over again doesn’t always work. Tracking what you eat is important as that is a habit to always adopt when you are on a weight loss journey. However, what about journaling? Have you journaled your feelings and emotions? If you have never done that on a consistent basis, then Jupiter’s message is telling you to expand your methods to utilize for weight loss. If all you have done is track what you have eaten (which again is essential to do), you have not properly acknowledged your feelings as you embarked on your weight loss journey. This is a time to get into the habit of doing because it will help you substantially.

That is just one example of why you should never allow astrology to scare you in any way. You know what energies you are facing and yes, sometimes it can be a challenge to do so. Jupiter transiting in your first house (retrograde or not) can present challenges in regards to weight loss. However, that also does not mean you won’t lose weight successfully either. It only means that you have to put more effort into it.

All you need to do is improvise on your methods. Don’t cut anything out and don’t get into any diet fads. They are never sustainable. Try other methods that involve monitoring your behavior and how often you eat, and other habits you want to change. After all, Jupiter crossing your Ascendant is all about expanding yourself.

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