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If you have come across readers that offer both astrology and tarot readings, and in some cases even combined, you may be wondering what the difference is. There are plenty of differences between the two. Let’s go over astrology readings first.

There are many types of astrology readings as there are many types of tarot readings and spreads. You can have a natal astrology reading that involves learning about your path, strengths, weaknesses, personality, and karma based on the location of the planets, signs, and their aspects in your personal horoscope. Your personal horoscope is your natal chart. You can have a planetary transit reading that involves the type of energies you are facing based on the transiting planets and where they fall into your personal horoscope for the next six months to a year. Those are just several examples of an astrology reading.

An astrologer can either draw up your natal chart by hand (which involves a lot of math and this method is rarely done nowadays) or it is drawn up with special software (which is how it is normally done nowadays). And an ephemeris is used to look at the transiting planets in the signs and where they fall into your natal chart. There are no cards used for an astrology reading. And the way an astrology reading is done, there is a lot that goes into that type of reading as the findings can be interpreted and analyzed in any way. Therefore, when you ask an astrologer spiritual questions, they answer it by using an analytical approach. They can also utilize their intuition as well based on what they see.

With a tarot reading, the reader pulls cards, relies on, and your spirit guides or their spirit guides to ‘tell’ them when it pulls cards after shuffling them and place them face down or face up. That all depends on how to reader performs the tarot reading. There is no software that needs to be used to draw up anything. Only tarot cards. Those are the only tools. Therefore, when you ask a spiritual question, the tarot reader answers them by looking at the images on the cards that have been pulled. The images tap into their intuition which is what will help them answer the questions you need to be answered.

Therefore, astrology and tarot readings are very different types of readings. However, some readers can combine the two. For instance, if an astrologer who also reads tarot wants to gain more insight into a particular planetary transit that is upcoming up, they can use tarot cards to help them delve into it further.

It is also important to know that neither type of reading predicts anything set in stone. An astrology reading gives you the heads up of what type of energies you are facing, and these energies will have a heavy influence on what happens in your life. But there is always free will. Tarot cards offer the same. If you have a tarot reading done based on what type of outcome you would likely end up with if you were to approach something in a certain way – you can always change your approach if you don’t like what you see. You can also consult with the cards if you want to try a different approach. If the answer is better, then you can use it.

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