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Ahh! I still remember that day in November of 2020 when Pfizer, the first COVID-19 vaccine, had outstanding results. It was 95 percent effective! That was such fantastic news since we were holed up in quarantine for months since then because that was the best news people needed to hear. Finally, those results of Pfizer were a sign that we were all going to be finally liberated from the COVID-19 hell. And when other vaccines such as Moderna and AstraZeneca were getting the green light in many countries, that was also a sign of better things to come.

Believe me. I cannot wait until I can enjoy a delicious fresh meal at my favorite restaurant and sit with friends instead of looking at the same four walls and eating cold and soggy takeout on a Saturday night. I cannot wait till I can go back to Starbucks and sit in the shop to have a momentary escape enjoying a cup of mocha instead of having to run in and grab it so I can sip it in my car.  This pandemic has not been good for my mental health, and science deniers are also to blame for it.

I am looking forward to there being an end to this like everyone else (who has been taking this pandemic seriously, that is).

We Are Tired Of COVID-19 But Think About What Life Will Look Like After The Pandemic Is Over

Based on my predictions about all of this, there is good news and bad news. I’ll start with the good news first. The pandemic will end! My prediction that I made back in December 2020 that we would finally see an end to it during Leo season (and I feel like it will be towards the end in August). Now that goes only for the UK, USA, Canada (yes, I know, the vaccine rollout here has been beyond pathetic, but it will catch up and thankfully for the small population that will be achieved), and for most of Europe. I don’t get that sense about other places around the world, and Israel has already beaten us for the most part. I wrote about my prediction in the publication, that I contribute to regularly.  I had a sense even before that we would see an end to it during the summer. My confirmation for Leo Season was the High Priestess, which confirmed that my intuition was right about ending during the summer. Then for Virgo season, I got the Nine of Swords! Why did I get the Nine of Swords for September of this year?

I will give you a hint why I pulled that card. It has nothing to do with the pandemic returning. And it has everything to do with people not knowing what to do with themselves and living in anxiety and fear, being in freakout mode as ‘normalcy’ resumes. That is the bad news, my friends. Yes, it will be nice once this is over (however, whether we will still need to wear masks at that point will be seen, I see the economy returning). However, face it. You have been holed up for so long; you won’t know how to handle getting back to ‘normal’ whether you are still wearing masks or not. At that point, you would have been living in this for a year and a half, more or less.

Think about it. What happens to a mouse who has been trapped in a cage for months and finally has the opportunity to leave its cage. The mouse won’t go willingly. It will stay because the idea of leaving the cell is scary. You want normalcy back more than ever, but are you ready for it? This is one of those situations where you will want to be careful about what you wish for because you will get it. Yes, again, we want this to end, but it is time to be realistic about how that will really look like for you!

That is why today’s tarot card combination is the Moon and the Tower in the Penguin tarot deck. The Moon represents your delusions, thinking that everything will be amazing once we return to normal after accomplishing herd immunity. And the Tower crashes down on you, telling you otherwise. Let’s look at this combination a little more.

The Moon And Tower Tarot Card Combination: Be Careful About What You Wish For Because You Will Get It

Miriam Reads Tarot

The Moon tarot card represents you being delusional about how you think everything will be perfect once the pandemic ends. Suppose you don’t believe that, then good for you. At least you are aware of what things will look like when the time comes. However, if that is you, you are in the minority. People get lost in the fantasy that everything will be honky dory and fun again once herd immunity happens. And the Tower tarot card tells you otherwise and will shock you into knowing that you are not going to have nearly as easy a time as you think once the crazy life resumes.

You might be one of the lucky ones who can continue to work from home after the pandemic ends, or you will have to face the nine to five rush hour times again on the road. And even if you are still working from home, you will still be stunned and anxious about the fast-paced life returning. You will always have to deal with busy roads regardless, busy malls, line-ups at restaurants, and so much more. Remember those restaurant line-ups? Yes, those will be back, and you will hate it. You will have to deal with other hardships that you did not have to face during the quarantine period because of the pandemic. Mostly, you will just not be used to the hustle and bustle life that is returning after being holed up for 18 months! You may even become so anxious over it that you will wish that life could stay somewhat simple as it did during the time of the pandemic.

When you are anxious that normalcy is overwhelming you, you will be wondering why you were in such a hurry to end the simple life. That will always be an example of the grass being greener on the other side. During the pandemic, you could not wait to go to parties again, restaurants again, and travel without facing any consequences. And when the pandemic is over, you will miss some of the perks, such as enjoying the simplicity of life that you experienced during the time of quarantine.

If I sound like I am contradicting myself, then let me be clearer. I am looking forward to this ending, and as I stated earlier, I cannot wait to go out and eat a delicious meal at a restaurant and enjoy sitting at Starbucks once in a while. I miss going to the mall. I mean, I can still go to the mall, but it is such an uptight experience now. I want to be able to relax there.

However, at the same time, I know that normality is not going to sunshine and roses. There will be anxiety, and there will be other forms of hardships. People will not be used to living that life, and it will show. It will be chaotic. And if you have that expectation about what normality will look like again initially after the pandemic ends, then this tarot card combination does not apply to you. That way, you can prepare yourself for dealing with the shock of getting back to normal, and then know the shock eventually will wear off, and the memory of pandemic life will slowly fade.

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