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All people are talking about is the Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it just literally appeared out of the blue and changed people’s lives. People have had events canceled, they are locked home other than going grocery shopping or doing other essential things such as getting prescriptions. Everyone is ordering takeout or delivery instead of dining in. Businesses have had to close if they were non-essential. And of course, there are people sick and unfortunately many have lost their lives. This is downright scary.
So let’s talk about the 10 tarot cards that represent different aspects of the Coronavirus:

The Tower

This one is quite obvious. Who saw this coming? And this most definitely turned our lives upside down. It destroyed a lot of people’s lives. They became sick, some have died, and many have lost their jobs, and had important events canceled. Travel plans had to end abruptly. It has shaken the world up.


Another obvious one. This card usually does not mean literally death as it means transformations that are major. But many people have died, and people’s lives have been transformed forever. Financial losses have been experienced as well as it has marked the death of businesses and even dreams.

Nine Of Swords

This is the card that rules the big questions we have swirling through our heads. They are:
Am I going to get sick? 
Am I going to make it?
How long am I going to be stuck at home, is it forever?
What if things never get back to normal?
What if I completely lose my sanity?
And these are the thoughts that are keeping us up at night as well.

Ten Of Swords

Dreams have ended. Life has ended for many. Businesses have ended. The Coronavirus put an end to many things that cannot come back, ever.

Five Of Pentacles

This one represents the loss of money, financial distress, business ending, layoffs, as well as poor health. And the poor health one does not need to be explained. However, even if people don’t end up with the Coronavirus, they can end up sick with other issues due to the stress and changes that are going on.

Five Of Cups

Talk about extreme disappointment. That is what has resulted from the Coronavirus. Events being canceled. Big social outings not being able to happen. All so very disappointing.

Four Of Cups

Boredom and apathy. What happens when you have been stuck at home for the longest time? And what happens when you will be stuck at home for even longer than you had hoped? You just become bored and very unhappy.

The Hermit

This is the card that rules isolation which is what is happening now as people are told to practice social distancing tactics to slow the spread of the virus. People are isolated at home or are isolated from others even if they have to shop for essentials. This card is also fitting because when you are stuck by yourself, you are having no choice but to become introspective and reflective. Maybe that is a good thing because your perspective may change a lot after this is over.

The Moon

There is a lot of things hidden from others about this virus. How did it really emerge and what is it that some know about it that they are purposely not revealing? There is also so much confusion about when the lockdown will end and if the virus will come back after it leaves.

The Star

Eventually, normalcy will resume even though lives would have been changed. Nothing lasts forever. Even though no one knows how long it will last, it will end at some point. Pandemics do end. And most of those events that were canceled because of this were really postponed.
Those tarot cards really do represent different aspects of what this virus has done. But the Star is there and once again, it will not be forever. Stay safe and just do your best right now.

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