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Today, I will write about another essential piece relevant to today’s chosen combination: the Ace of Swords and the Hierophant. As you know, the Ace of Swords is about mental clarity, ah-ha moments, and having strength in the face of adversity. It is a card that represents new beginnings as well. And then you pair that with the Hierophant that is all about conformity and traditions. But the Hierophant goes much deeper than that. Here is a post that has to do with this combination, and it is relevant to the age of COVID or with anything that has to do with science and conspiracy theorists.

What Does The Ace Of Swords And The Hierophant Combination Represent?

Miriam Reads Tarot

Here is the Ace of Swords (Ace of Wind in the penguin tarot deck) and the Hierophant card combination. The Ace of Swords again represents new beginnings, ah-ha moments, clear-thinking, clarity, thinking for yourself, figuring things out, victory, strength while facing adversity, conquest, and efforts. Therefore, when dealing with a significant problem, you want to find solutions to deal with the situation. And you will ramp up with your problem-solving skills during times of adversity. The Ace of Swords can also mean making discoveries, and that indeed attains to science. Those discoveries you make can be the solution to a problem. You want to conquer the trouble to create new beginnings, and you have to do it with a clear head. That sums up the Ace of Swords.

What about the Hierophant, the card that comes after the Ace of Swords. When you think of the Hierophant, you think of traditions, institutions, communities, conformity, and it can also represent spiritual traditions and even science. The Hierophant represents gaining wisdom, asking for advice, and listening to the experts on how to solve a problem. Experts that not just know what they are doing, but walk their talk.

And what does this card combination sound like to you? The age of COVID, a global pandemic, and the quest to conquer the pandemic (Ace of Swords) by listening to the experts, scientists, and doctors about how to do that (The Hierophant). Sounds easy to do, right? Well, not really. Common sense would tell you that those who want to be the solution to the problem would listen to the experts who know a thing or two about science to help curve the spread of COVID. However, too many people look to the wrong sources for advice and become poisoned with conspiracy theories. And, with that said, perhaps the Hierophant reversed would be the right position to use. But I won’t because that is not something I want to encourage. I want to make people aware of how significant the problem happens to be about conspiracy theorists being part of the problem and not the solution.

Listen To Scientists That Are Working To Solve The Problems With The Pandemic And Not Conspiracy Theorists

Here is the thing. Since March of 2020, there has been a raging COVID pandemic happening. The only solutions at the time were lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus. When the COVID cases began to drop, then lockdowns started easing during the late spring and early summer of 2020. However, you had to wear a mask to reduce the number of droplets coming out of your nose and mouth and to stay six feet away from others. You have to put these measures in place as instructed by scientists while working on the various vaccines, which some of them are rolling out already.

However, by the time the scientists and doctors feel that governments can begin to relax measures for good, most populations would have to receive the vaccine. That in itself represents this card combination right here. I mean, common sense would tell you to hang tight and to do your part in reducing the spread of COVID by listening to the doctors who are creating breakthroughs. Common else would also tell you that to do your interest in helping to end the pandemic; you would get the vaccine (unless you are legitimately unable to due to allergies or another legitimate medical reason).

The Ace of Swords would also represent the vaccine in itself, as it is a breakthrough that doctors and scientists created, and that is the pathway to new beginnings – or life going back to ‘normal.’ The Hierophant comes in by experts guiding you on how many people need to have their vaccinations return to ‘normal’ and listen to the experts. I mean, that does sound like a no-brainer and not even worth writing a post about. But again, there is a big problem with that, and a lot of the blame is put on the so-called wellness community. That is because they are the ones who either say this pandemic is not real or that your immune system is already equipped to handle the virus. That is a big problem. Let’s talk more about that.

Conspiracy Theorists Are Making The Pandemic Life Harder To Live Than Necessary

Conspiracy theorists represent the Hierophant reversed. They rebel against the rules and call you a sheep if you wear a mask, socially distant, and intend to get the vaccine. Conspiracy theorists also tell you that you are a sheep if you believe there really is a pandemic that is ‘not worse than the flu.’ Because of these conspiracy theorists, they are making life with the pandemic harder.

They represent the Hierophant reversed because they clearly rebel against the rules. And even though I know the government does not really have the best interest of others, scientists and doctors do. Governments listen to doctors and scientists for the sake of keeping the economy flowing for the long term, even though that means temporarily halt it with lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. However, conspiracy theorists say the government is evil, which is ridiculous. Since they don’t believe there is a pandemic, they refuse to wear masks and to socially distant. They live their lives as if nothing is happening. They are to blame for the pandemic becoming so out of control.

However, if you are the one who is obeying the rules and listening to the Hierophant, then they become nasty and condescending. And there is only so long that they can rebel. If they keep rebelling, they will end up with severe penalties, which will result in them being forced to conform. Who makes up a large part of the conspiracy theorists believing that we are in a fake pandemic? Well, many of them are in the wellness industry, which is quite scary.

Many ‘Practitioners’ Of The Wellness Industry Are Making This Pandemic Worse

It’s disheartening to see how so many ‘holistic practitioners‘ also practice astrology, tarot, and mediumship, and so on advise you to go against modern medicine. They tell you that there is no need to wear a mask, and they also advise you not to get any vaccine. They tell you that by taking in nutrients and using essential oils, you can ramp up your immune system to prevent yourself from getting sick. Therefore, that is your replacement for vaccines. That is a load of bull.

Firstly essential oils may have some uses as lavender helps you calm down, and frankincense helps relieve pain. There is no denying that. But they do not help improve your immune system. And sure, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and natural sources are helpful to your immune system. Taking in plenty of Vitamin C in the fall can help you fight colds. That is true.

However, when it comes to a virus that your immune system knows nothing about, well, those nutrients are not going to help you all that much. That is why I am trusting scientists to create modern medicines for breakthroughs. And if that means the only way to end the pandemic is to get the vaccine (with at least 70 percent of others being on board with it), then the scientists and doctors know. I trust them over any so-called holistic practitioner any day. And these ‘holistic practitioners’ surely represent the Hierophant reversed. They won’t have a choice but to conform one way or another, however.


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