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When you read your horoscopes, whether it is the weekly ones you read each Sunday or horoscopes elsewhere, the focus is on the sun sign. And remember, the purpose of those fun horoscopes is to keep you engaged and something entertaining to read. Your sun sign only makes up a fraction of your horoscope, which is why they are often inaccurate.

There is a reason that there is so much emphasis on your sun sign anyway. That is because the sun sign represents who you are as a whole. However, your instincts, reactions to external stimuli, and subconscious have a more significant effect on you than anything. Your sun signs represent the active or conscious parts of who you are and how you radiate to the world. Still, everything that governs your conscious and active aspects results from the influence of your instincts, subconscious, and how you react to certain situations.  Those also represent your quirks, habits, preferences, and behaviors, all represented by your Moon sign. That is why your Moon sign has more significance even than your sun sign.

For instance, think about a few things. What if you come across an Aries person who has a tiny drive, motivation, and introverted, contrary to what Aries represents? What if you come across a Cancer person who does not become emotional or rattled over many things? What if you come across a Sagittarius that prefers to stay home than to travel? Those examples right there show how the sun sign does not represent a large part of who you are. Your entire horoscope does, but your Moon sign plays a significant role.

Your mother also represents the Moon. That has a significant bearing on how you behave and react to things. Let’s now go over each of the Moon signs, which can be critical indicators of why you are the way you are, why you react to things the way you do, and why you have specific preferences, habits, and behaviors.

Aries Moon

The traits that Aries are known for are being go-getters, active, and aggressive. However, you can see someone who has an Aries sun who may display some of those traits and a lot gentler and calmer. The Aries Moon causes someone to react violently to upsetting situations or be the reason for their bad temper. Those who have the Moon sign also enjoy going for a good workout and prefer to work off anger by working out than journaling and desire to be independent. The mother may have encouraged independence or neglected them to the point of finding a way to become independent.

Taurus Moon

Tauruses are known to be stable and stubborn and have a love for luxury. But what about Tauruses that are not overly stable and are more flexible? If you have a Taurus Moon (like I do), you dislike change (and that is true for me too), and you don’t feel secure unless you are in a cozy setting. You also have high-end food preferences as you would turn your nose up if your date wanted to take you to a fast-food restaurant for dinner. You also tend to struggle to let things go and be a grudge holder (guilty as charged). However, you are not satisfied until your work gets done, and perhaps your mother encouraged you to work diligently (yeah, she was hard on me, and I am now very hard on myself if I don’t get the job done). The Moon’s exaltation is in this sign.

Gemini Moon

Those with a Gemini Moon are not happy until they know they can express themselves through writing or verbal communication and know that others hear them. Gemini Moon natives love to read, learn, and feel better when they arm themselves with facts about something with little clarity. Those with the Gemini Moon are also sociable and need to get out and see people. These would understandably have the most challenging time during the pandemic since socializing has been limited. They love texting and using their devices to keep in touch with others, but they also need to see people. Their mothers may have encouraged them to read and talk at an early age.

Cancer Moon

Moon rules Cancer, and that is why those with the Cancer Moon are overly emotional. That is why you see someone who may have a Cancer sun not become emotional over matters that would make anyone else cry. Chances are they would have a less emotional Moon sign of that matter. Or, you may see someone who has a detached Sun sign, such as Aquarius, cry at the drop of a hat – that means they likely have the Cancer Moon. That is why those with a Cancer Moon are often the natural caregivers, are emotional, and prefer to stay home rather than elsewhere. The Cancer Moon native may have been in a position during childhood to nurture or care for the mother.

Leo Moon

I am a Leo, but I’m not too fond of others paying too close attention to me, and other than me putting out my work, I stay behind the scene. And I also don’t expect accolades for the work I do. I need to be satisfied with my work which is what comes with a Taurus Moon, so that is also a significant reason I am not a typical Leo.  However, those who want to show off what they do and have the need to show off their creative side likely have their Moon in Leo. What drives the Leo Moon native crazy is that others ignore them or pay attention to their creations. It is possible that their mothers encouraged them to express their creative side (if the Moon is healthy), or their mothers ignored their creations.

Virgo Moon

If you have a friend who is a Sagittarius, which is not known for being organized and analytical, but that friend happens to have those traits – there is a good chance they have a Virgo Moon. Virgo Moon natives need to live in a clean, organized, and neat setting, or else they will not function. They tend to analyze everything that they encounter and can be obsessive about it. You can see a Virgo Moon native staying up late to clean the kitchen or bathroom because they cannot sleep if there are messes or anything disorganized. However, they enjoy being of service as many waitstaff members likely have Virgo Moons. They like contributing in practical manners. Virgo Moons can be good caregivers when they do the hands-on work. However, they are not emotionally nurturing the same way you would expect from a Cancer Moon native. It is possible that a Virgo Moon’s mother emphasized the importance of being neat, clean, or may have been highly critical of them. Virgo Mono natives are often very critical of themselves and can judge others.

Libra Moon

Those who have this Moon sign feel stable when they are at peace. Everything around them has to have balance, and unfortunately, life rarely goes that way. That is why Libra Moon natives are often anxious, and they feel the happiest in calm environments in their own homes. However, they also do not like being alone as they are naturally sociable and they need company. Libra is a social sign, and those who have a Libra Moon need to connect with others. That does not mean Libra Moon natives are all extroverted. Whether they are introverts or extroverts depends on other factors in their horoscopes. However, they still have to connect with others, even if that means they’d rather do it through texting in their peaceful environments, physically alone. Their mothers likely did not provide a balanced environment that made the natives crave for it or didn’t give them a lot of company.

Scorpio Moon

The Moon does not do well in Scorpio as it is in its fall, and those who have this Moon placement are not at peace if they feel anyone is violating their privacy. They tend to have intense emotional outbursts that can come out of nowhere if something goes wrong. Scorpio Moon natives do not have time for connections that don’t have any meaning to them, as they look for those who are deep. The one thing that Scorpio Moon natives learn to do quickly is to create firm boundaries, especially if someone violated them before. They can be the ultimate grudge holders, and it is possible that the mother did not give them the privacy they needed when they were young.

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon natives crave freedom, and they always want to learn as they are highly curious. Those with this Moon sign are less likely to settle down and have a family than others, but it still can happen, depending on other factors in their chart. However, Sagittarius Moon natives do not like to stay in one place, and they may be perpetual students. They may take courses throughout their lifetime and have an intense need to travel. They are thirsty and hungry for knowledge. It is possible that the mother did not provide them with too many opportunities for expanding their horizons, or maybe the opposite is true if the Moon is well-aspected. They also tend to see the glass half-full.

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon natives are those who were known to be the straight-A students in your classroom or those who are striving to become the next best thing. Those who have this Moon sign are very ambitious and are industrious. However, because the Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn, those who have this Moon sign are not overly demonstrative. It is not that they are not capable of loving, but they don’t usually show affection unless there are other factors in their charts that have a greater influence on that. However, Capricorn Moon natives are industrious, goal-driven, and cannot rest until they achieve something and don’t have a great need for a romantic or human connection. Their mothers likely stressed the importance of hard work, and if the Moon is well-aspected, they would have gotten rewards for working hard.

Aquarius Moon

Those who have a Moon in Aquarius feel at peace when they do something helpful for others, as Aquarius is a humanitarian sign. Those who have this Moon sign always want to do the right thing, which may even mean sacrificing their needs and the needs of their families – which is why they may be more likely to end up in a divorce or a separation. However, Aquarius Moon natives do not feel settled until they help someone or a specific cause. Aquarius is also a distant sign, so natives will not always need or want close companionship, as they prefer to do their own thing. Their mothers may have helped greater causes at their expense or encouraged them to give at a young age.

Pisces Moon

Those who have a Pisces Moon are highly empathetic and can become easily overwhelmed in their environment. That is why it is more common for those who have a Pisces Moon to be introverted to be in a peaceful environment and sit with their creativity. They feel good when they are creative and can make use of their imaginations. They are generous, supportive, and kind-hearted and can be highly emotional. It is possible that their mothers needed a lot of care and support, and the natives sacrificed a lot of their childhoods to give that.

If you know your Moon sign, and the description matches your motivations, how you behave, your responses to external stimuli, your instincts, and your nature, then that explains so much. That explains a lot when it comes to you realizing that you do not display too many traits given by your sun sign because you find that your Moon sign really does have a more powerful influence.

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