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I know lately, I have been on the serious side, revealing my demons, and I have no problem with doing that because I want the world to see that I am far from perfect. I am not a typical woo-woo reader who is all about so-called love and light, considering there is no such thing. Let’s not talk about any of the shadow stuff today, as I feel this site needs some balance. And I have a good topic to cover, which is tarot and humor.

How Do You Add Humor To Tarot?

Adding humor to tarot can happen in a few ways. One thing to do is when you practice reading your tarot cards, you can ask the cards some silly questions. That will be a great way to bond with your cards, too, because everyone, including your cards, needs to have a good laugh now and then. How does that appear? Well, for starters, you can go and ask your tarot cards silly questions. That is an excellent way to find your interpretations of the cards too.

I don’t recommend doing that if you are a complete novice learning the cards’ meaning and strengthening your intuition. You have to have some of that down pat before playing those games. You have to be comfortable with your cards on some level before getting silly with them.

Once you are comfortable enough to do that, then go wild. Have fun and get silly. You can do that by asking the cards stupid questions.  Yes, ask your cards foolish and off-the-wall questions to get a laugh. You will always find whatever card you pull to the silly question you asked downright funny. Let’s play around with some examples of what you can ask, and the sky is the limit with this one. My recommendation, however, is to do a one-card pull. Now, that is up to you. There is no rule to it. However, a one-card pull is enough to get the laughter going.

For example, you want to have a laugh and ask the cards if your dog eats rainbow-color food if he makes a rainbow-color poop. The card you pulled for that question is the Four of Swords. That is the resting card or the recovering card. There are several ways to interpret that card for this off-the-wall question. That may mean, yes, the dog will make a rainbow-colored poop after he rests after eating that colorful food. Or, the other interpretation can be, well, maybe the dog’s digestive system has to sleep on that.

Another example is that you can ask the cards, for fun, if you will slip and fall over a banana peel the next time you go outside. The card you pull for that is the Tower. Uh-oh. That cannot be a good sign. The Tower is the destruction and shock card. It destroys something old so the new can come in! Maybe that means you will finally lose that stubborn belly fat that you are attempting to lose forever in an unexpected way after tripping on the banana peel. That would be a nice thought, though.

Or, maybe that can mean that if you slip on a banana peel, you will end up falling into a place that you have never seen before. You may even become attacked by walking and talking bananas. Whatever it is, go wild with it. Get silly. It again is an excellent way to bond with your cards further. How about a situation where you add some humor to a reading for a client who asks you legitimate questions? You can do that, too, as long as the context of the reading makes it appropriate. Let’s talk about that more.

You Can Have Fun With Your Tarot Cards With Your Clients As Long As It Is Appropriate

Can you have fun when you do tarot readings for your clients as well? That depends on the nature of the reading. You don’t want to do a relationship reading and find that you get the Ten of Swords for an outcome card to make light of it. That is unless the querent wants to break up with their significant other and welcome the news of the Ten of Swords card as the outcome.

You don’t want to make light of any situation regardless of the card you pull if the querent is asking for insight on a serious matter or a matter that is emotional to the querent. Therefore, there is a time and a place to express humor or even sarcasm. Let me share that previous example noting what to do when appropriate to use sarcasm or humor in your readings.

If a querent wants to know if a relationship they want to end will come to an end, and you pull the Ten of Swords as the outcome card, that will be welcomed news to the querent. Therefore, you can have some fun with that, as long as the querent has a look of relief or happiness. Then you can jump for joy with the querent and make comments such as ‘according to the cards, you are best to wash that man or woman right out of your hair (even sing the song from that old commercial as you do)’. You can also make comments such as ‘kick ’em to the curb’ or ‘you can tell that loser to take a hike,’ or you can sing that song by NSYNC ‘Bye Bye Bye,’ or anything that will get some laughter going.

Common sense will tell you when to use humor in a reading and when not to even bring humor into it. Remember, it all depends on what the querent wants to know and wants to understand. Any tarot reader who wants to cheer the querent up while giving an emotional reading will need to do it appropriately, and bringing in humor is not always appropriate. Sometimes all the querent wants is some compassion. Every tarot reader must have the compassion to be a reputable reader anyway.

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