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When you go for a tarot reading, you are wanting to gain some insight into a situation, and find out what the most likely outcome would be if you were to take a certain path. And a good-quality tarot reader will help you to the best of his or her ability, and in an ethical way as well.

However, there are many tarot readers that have some very bad qualities that will make you want to run away. And, if you do end up encountering a tarot reader that has any of these five terrible qualities, you should run away! Let’s go over what they are right now.

1. Uses Intimidating And Condescending Words

Chances are when you are consulting a tarot reader to get a reading, you are in a troubling or questionable situation. And you require guidance on how to get through it. Therefore, you are going to want to get a reading from a consultant or a reader who is compassionate and will not use words that will upset you or overwhelm you. However, some readers do use words that are unkind and can be quite intimidating. You will want to avoid those readers like the plague.

2. Tells You What You Want To Hear

Everyone wants to be told that everything will be honky dory and perfect, right? Unfortunately, not every situation is a 9 of Cups kind of situation. In other words, shitty things do happen and life does not always turn out the way you had envisioned. However, isn’t it better to know the truth to prepare you for what difficulties you could possibly be facing than being told everything will work out and later on you find that the opposite just happens? A good tarot reader will in a compassionate and caring way tell you if an outcome that you have been inquiring about does not look good.

3. Is Clueless About Ethics

If a tarot reader tells you that someone is going to die, or that you will go bankrupt, run away. An ethical tarot reader will not ever tell you such a thing. In fact, a tarot reader that has ethics will make it clear that he or she will not predict death, or do readings that have to do with legal and health matters. I personally will not do readings that pertain to health, legal matters, divorce, pregnancy, and major financial matters. If a health situation were to come up, I would mention that it would be a good idea to see your doctor just to do a checkup to see if your health is well and that is the end of that.

4. Tells You That Everything Is Set In Stone

I believe there is a mix of fate as well as free will. We do end up experiencing what we are meant to experience in a lifetime. I feel personally that is why ‘unexplainable things or coincidences’ do happen. However, the decisions we make on a day to day basis is a result of free will. And the reason that anyone would want a tarot reading is to have the reader provide insight on a likely outcome if a certain path were to be taken. If the outcome does not look good, then you are free to choose a different path to walk on that may be better.

5. Tells You That You Are Cursed

This is an old trick that fortune tellers would tell seekers. Life is hard, and bad things will happen from time to time. Unfortunately, fortune tellers have taken advantage of seekers who hired them to provide insight into why they are going through a hard time. They tell them that they have a curse on them and the only way the curse can be removed is if they pay them to do a spell to remove it. This is a scam and any decent and ethical tarot reader will never pull this on you.

The most important thing you need to do when you are looking for a tarot reader to provide you with the insight you need is to go with your intuition. However, if you get an off feeling about a reputable tarot reader, that does not mean that the reader is shady. It just means the consultant is not the ideal one for you. Perhaps your energy will not mesh well with the reader’s energy because sometimes that can happen. A good-quality tarot reader is not always going to be the right fit for your particular need. Again, use your intuition when you are looking for one.

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