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There are plenty of reasons to learn the art of reading tarot cards. Firstly, it is a way to earn some extra income to read tarot cards to others to give them readings. However, what about what tarot cards can do for you? As you know that tarot cards are not only a divination tool for reading the future. The future is moldable, and there is free will (but there is still some fate, as I believe our lives have some blueprints as well). Tarot cards are a great tool for self-reflection. But before I elaborate on that, let’s talk more about how tarot is more about you connecting with the present than predicting the future.

Tarot Is Not So Much About Predicting The Future As It Helps You Connect To The Present

As I said, the future is moldable for the most part anyway. What I mean by that is by what you decide to do today has an influence on what happens to you tomorrow. However, I also think there are elements of a fated blueprint that you carry with you from the moment of birth. Situations that are meant to happen just happen in ways that you cannot comprehend. For instance, I believe that anyone who you marry is those who you are meant to be with at a given time regardless of how the marriage turned out. Life is not about fun, it is about learning and some lessons are far from pleasant.

Those are the things that also show up in your natal chart. But free will is about how you handle situations that are thrown at you and any decision you make will pan out how your life turns out as well. That is where tarot can help. If you are in a situation and you are trying to tackle it in a certain way, that is one reason to consult your cards. You want to know what could happen if you were to take a particular form of action to resolve a situation you are in. It all depends as well on what you want in the end.

If you are in a bad relationship and you are planning a certain tactic to end it, if the outcome is Death or 10 of Swords, that is the confirmation you need for it to work. Both of those cards represent endings. However, if you have a business and you were planning to steal your competitor’s clients in a sneaky way, and you get either of those cards as the outcome – you will want to change your plan. Especially if the card that represents the present is the 7 of Swords which is the card that represents being sneaky.

Think of the tarot as a tool you use that connects with your Higher Self or your guides, and the Universe. You are asking them for guidance, and they are giving you the guidance that’s needed for you for the time being. The layout that you place your chosen cards is up to you and it doesn’t even matter what it is. The cards you pull all have a significant message to you. It does not matter if you pull one card, three cards, or five cards, or do the Celtic Cross reading (which is not a spread that resonates with me).

The message you get from the cards is what feedback you are getting from the Universe and it is a message you need to know right now. Therefore, this in a way is like therapy and this is why the tarot is a great tool for self-reflection. The first step to take before pulling your cards and placing them in the layout of your choice is to create the best space for reflection.

Create Your Space To Use The Tarot For Self-Reflection

The space you want to use to do tarot readings on yourself for self-reflection is completely up to you. You want to create a space that feels the most at home and comfortable for you. You want to do this in an area of your house or apartment that is ideal for you. It could be in your bedroom or it could be in your home office. Only you know. It is a good idea to sage the area or cleanse the area before you begin.

Take out crystals such as the amethyst which is the protective stone, and the clear quartz which amplifies your intuition. You will want to take out the black obsidian as well to ward off negativity and to keep you protected. Light a candle if you’d like and put on some soft soothing music on a low volume.

Those are just ideas on how to create the perfect space. As I said, only you know what is right for you. Once you find your perfect space, you can begin the tarot reading for self-reflection. Grab a journal with you as well so you can write down the messages you receive.

How You Begin To Read Your Tarot Cards

The first thing to do is to clear your mind. Once you do, then lay out the spread of your choice facing down. If you have decided to do one-card readings, then pull that card and lay it face down. Take a deep breath and open up your mind so you can absorb what the cards say to you. This is the message that the Universe has to deliver.

Once you get the message from the cards or the card that you pulled, sit with it. Pay attention to your initial response to it as well, and begin to reflect on the message the cards or card brought to you. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it uncomfortable, and if so, why? And does it reflect on any important situation that you are facing right now? If it does, what is the message? Write it in your journal so you can reflect on it later in the day or at another time.

For instance, you are eager to start your business right now but you are struggling with different obstacles that are not making it easy for you to get it off of the ground. This is causing nothing but frustration for you. However, you do the one-card reading and the card you pull is The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man is the card that represents surrender and putting things on hold. The message would explain why you are not able to get your business off the ground and let alone established. It is a time to wait to do that and perhaps you need to work on something within first before you do. You won’t like being told to wait, and to put things on hold, but there is an important reason you are guided to do so.

And these obstacles that are coming into your way are sending you that message as well. Maybe you are setting up the business for the wrong reasons. Only you have the answers within and you need to use that time to discover what they are before going ahead with getting your business off the ground.

If the message is not relevant to a situation you are facing right now, then it may be relevant to a situation that you could be facing soon. Therefore, write the message down in your journal. Because, if the situation does arise where the spread or the card meaning is relevant – then you can look back at your journal and remind yourself of the cards that came up. You can then reflect back on that as well and find a way on how to best deal with the issue you are facing.

Once you take the time to reflect the messages that the cards deliver to you from the Universe, you can take the appropriate actions going forward. You can make better decisions based on what you had learned through your self-reflection. Think about what opportunities as well that the Universe wants you to experience. And think about as well if there was anything you had planned for a later time that would be impacted by any tarot reading for self-reflection that you do. The more you do this, the more you will be able to work with the challenges that life brings you much better than you have in the past. You will also have a much broader understanding as to why things happen the way they do.



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