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It is not realistic to never believe you will encounter negativity wherever you go. You could encounter an individual that has plenty of negative vibes that could inadvertently (or intentionally) send it to you. You could walk into a building, a room, or an area and feel a lot of negative energy due to something that has happened there. Or you could be facing a stressful situation that can easily cause you to get into a negative mindset. And even though the power of positive thinking is strong, you will need extra protection whenever you encounter any of these things which will be inevitable at one point or another.

That is why you will want to carry crystals with you that are meant to help you stay protected from any type of negative energies or psychic attacks. And if you have experienced feelings of heaviness, loss of concentration, motivation, and feeling down and anxious, then those negative vibes have gotten to you. Crystal protection will help absorb it as well as protect you during future encounters. Let’s go over the best 5 crystals that are ideal for energetic protection:

1. Black Tourmaline

This stone is a must-have for everyone to carry with them as it is highly powerful in warding negative energies from you. In fact, this is the most effective stone that will keep negative energies and lower frequencies at bay. You can wear it as a jewelry pendant or keep the stone in your pocket. Either way, keep it with you at all times.

2. Black Obsidian

This stone is fantastic for protection as well as it is made up of volcanic rock and it is ragged at the edges which means it can cut through deceit and lies. Plenty of witches have used this stone to keep themselves protected from black magick. They have done this for centuries.

3. Jet

Even though the jet is technically petrified wood instead of an actual crystal, it is a powerful one to ward off negative entities for when you are traveling. For instance, if you go to a hotel room, you will be picking up all kinds of vibes by the guests who have stayed in your room previously. The energies they leave behind would be less than stellar quite often. This stone will help keep you protected from any negative entities that could be lurking in the rooms as well as energies.

4. Smoky Quartz

This stone is a must-have as well as it does help remove negative energies but it also helps you with positive thinking. It will help remove anger, resentment, and any negative emotions so you don’t attract negative vibes from that.

5. Amethyst

This stone gives off very high vibrations as it will keep you protected from psychic attacks, negativity in general, and will help to clarify your thinking as well. It can also transform negative energy into positive energy as well. It is a must-have.

When you get any of these stones, you need to remember how important it is to cleanse them. Either put them by your window sill each day to allow the sunrays to absorb the energies, or put it there overnight to allow the moon rays to do the same. You can also put the crystals in a bowl of sea salt overnight to cleanse. Be sure to get rid of the sea salt and replace it with new. It is a highly effective way to cleanse but it is costly so keep that in mind. Natural light from the sun or the moon doesn’t cost anything and is just as effective!

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