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The one thing that people often wonder about tarot cards is if whether or not they are safe. The answer to that is that tarot cards are a tool that is neutral. Therefore, whether they are safe or not depends on how you use them. And if you have only good intentions for using them, then they definitely are safe. If you are confident about using them in addition to reading the cards for legitimate and positive purposes, then you absolutely have nothing to worry about.

That is because your confident energy will only attract your Higher Self and your spirit guides to be involved when you read the cards.

However, if you are not using them for good and you are using them for malicious purposes, then that will have an effect on it too. Even if you don’t have any ill-intentions with using the cards, if you are afraid of them, then the cards will pick that up. This means you will project fear onto them. And if you are using the cards for malicious reasons or you are fearful when using them, then you can easily pick up entities that are tricksters and are part of the lower realm.

And, there are some cultures and religions that make tarot cards seem unsafe and downright evil. Unfortunately, that is something that many people do listen to which is why they question how safe they are. But the fact of the matter is, tarot is neutral. They are absolutely safe if you are reading the cards for good, legitimate, and positive intentions without projecting any type of fear onto them.

At the same time, it is also important to cleanse the cards. They do absorb energy. Therefore, cleansing the cards is something that should be done once a week if you use it by yourself daily. Or do so after each session if others are touching your cards. You can cleanse your cards by placing the deck by the window sill during the day as the sunlight will cleanse them. Or if there is moonlight, especially if it is a Full Moon, you can place the cards by your window sill overnight.

You can also put the cards in a bowl of sea salt overnight but be sure to remove the salt in the morning. With that said, if you approach the cards with an open mind and have an intension to use them for good purposes, then you have nothing to worry about – as long as you are not fearful in any way or form. And enjoy using them as well!

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