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If you are a freelance writer or blogger like I am, and whether or not you write non-fiction, fiction, or want to blog about something, you are quite familiar with writer’s block. Before going further into it, the definition of writer’s block is when you are struggling with finding content to write about whether or not you want to write an article for a publication (and they don’t give you an assigned topic) or your own blog. And you want to keep writing new content on your blog at least once a week at the minimum. That is because if you don’t write frequently enough, you will never rank high enough for your desired keywords on Google or Bing.

You can easily face writer’s block if you are writing a novel or even a non-fiction book. Dealing with a blockage in creative flow when writing a non-fiction book seems counterintuitive; however, even if you are writing anything that is not fiction, it still requires you to use some creativity. Therefore, there are points during your writing career that you will struggle with encountering obstacles that only frustrate you because it affects your ability to produce content regularly.

You may have been given plenty of advice on how to chip away at writer’s block, such as allowing your subconscious to bubble up (which usually means to sleep on it and the next morning ideas from your subconscious will come to you), or to write anything, or to write yourself out of it. Those words of advice aren’t overly helpful. I personally don’t think they are anyway.

Sometimes, you can call a friend or text a friend and tell them to give you ideas about what to write about. Okay, that can help if your friend has a deep understanding of your niche or novel. It often helps to look at other blogs and forums that are in your niche for inspiration. You may be able to find a topic that way that you want to write about.

What if there was an alternative and yet powerful way to quickly and easily push through writer’s block that does not involve you doing any of that? Because there is a compelling method for chipping away at the obstacle you are facing. It does not matter if you want to write a blog post, a novel, an article for a publication where you have to think of the topic, or a non-fiction book. You can use tarot cards to help you solve your problems by facing writer’s block!

How Do Tarot Cards Help Remove Writer’s Block?

This is quite exciting to know about because you will love this method on how to never deal with writer’s block again. Firstly, it depends on what you are writing. But let’s start with a simple method for using tarot to promote your creativity. This method is good for finding interesting blog post or article topics to use for writing. You can also use this method for brainstorming an outline for a novel you want to write about, and you are unsure of a direction you want to go in a particular part of the book. Even if you are in the middle of writing a novel and have an outline for it created, you can still face some snags.

What is this method? All you need to do is to take your tarot deck and pick a random card. That random card will give you an idea of what to write about based on one obvious keyword associated with it. I will give you a few examples so you know how the method can work.

You have a food blog. But you are unsure of what type of recipes to write about. You then end up utilizing this hack, and you pull the Three of Swords. What could the card that represents heartbreaks have to do with a food blog? How can it possibly work? Oh, that is so easy. What do you do when you are sad? Sure, you may not eat (oh, that certainly is not how I would handle being sad), but since I am using the example of a food blog, the one thing that can come to mind is writing about comfort food! Ah-ha, there it is. You are now thinking of comfort food recipe ideas, and now you are onto something.

But what happens if you had just written about comfort food recipes a week before? You can always pull another card to help narrow it down for you. You do that, and you pull the Tower card! Oh my goodness, how can you find comfort food that is associated with the Tower? Look at the planet that the Tower is associated with, and that is Mars! Mars rules spicy food. What type of food comes to mind when you think of spicy comfort food? The first thing that comes to my mind is Mexican food.

And there is a good chance you have not written a post specifically about Mexican comfort food! And if that is the case, that is an idea given to you by the cards. You can look for delicious nachos, tacos, enchiladas, burritos recipes, and now you have a blog post to write about. Tarot cards can help you remove writer’s blocks for blog posts or articles you are writing in any niche!

Let’s talk about another scenario. If you are in the middle of writing a novel, you are unsure of what direction to go with your plot. Next, you can always pull a card to help you along with that. For instance, if you are writing a novel about a couple who has an interesting relationship, you had just written about their first date. However, you are unsure what to write about when it comes to what the couple does after that date. Go and pull a card to stir your creative juices.

You end up pulling the Moon. The Moon has to do with anything that is hidden as well as some fears. How about the fact that the boyfriend or the girlfriend has something major to hide that they had not shared with their new partner yet. Then they have to dash to get take care of whatever they are hiding. If you find yourself encountering those blocks as you continue to write your novel, you can rinse and repeat. As mentioned, even for non-fiction manuscripts you are writing, you need some help along the way from the tarot.

What about using the tarot to help you create a plot outline for a fictional or non-fictional book you want to write? Let’s talk about those next.

How Can You Use The Tarot To Write Outlines For Fictional Or Non-Fictional Manuscripts?

There are several ways to use tarot for writing outlines for fictional or non-fictional manuscripts, which will be covered on a deeper level in the next blog post. However, I can give you the basic idea of what to do in this current post. If you know what you want the novel to be about, you should have that idea before writing out the outline for your novel. For instance, you have an idea to write about a young mother who is going on a life-changing journey. That is great. However, you are unsure of what to really add to the outline.

The things to consider when you are writing the novel are:

  1. The basic personality of the protagonist
  2. The basic personality of the antagonist
  3. The location of where the novel takes place
  4. The main purpose of the protagonist’
  5. The main plot
  6. The climax
  7. The ending

Those are the basic things to add when you are writing a novel. Of course, as you progress with the outline and when you are into the novel, you will be adding a lot more content. It will then shape up to the story you want to write. You will then take your tarot deck and pull one card for each of the basic components of the outline. Then you will create an outline based on the cards you pull, then you will see that you have some direction for your novel! The nitty-gritty of how to do that will be covered in the next blog post so stay tuned for that!

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