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You have decided to take on learning the tarot, and congratulations. This is a journey to be excited about embarking upon because you are going to learn so much while you are sharpening your intuition. Now the first step is when you have made the decision to learn tarot, go and grab the deck that you feel the most connected to because that one is meant for you to use. You may have been told by professional tarot readers that you should get the Rider-Waite tarot deck because it is one that is used for beginners. However, if you don’t feel that it sits right with you, you need to go with that. 

Personally, I don’t care for the Rider-Waite deck and I have used many other decks just fine that was not at all related to that one. Once you get your deck and cleanse it the way that feels right to you, then you will want to get yourself a journal to start making notes as you progress with your learning. 

All you need to do is to get yourself a 3-ringed binder and some lined paper, or a notebook that is meant for journaling. It doesn’t matter which kind you get. You just want to make sure that you start either way. A journal will not only help you learn the tarot quicker, but it will help you process your thoughts and feelings as you practice with it daily. And you can get as creative with it as you would like when you journal. 

Once you start actually taking the step to learn tarot, you will want to learn the Major Arcana cards first which are the 22 first set of cards that are from the Fool to the World. These cards represent key life-transitions and events. They represent the real spiritual lessons and challenges that you face daily. And once you study these cards, you will want to write down how you feel when you look at them, and what you notice about them. What colors strike out at you from the cards? What is the best way to describe the feel towards these cards? What do the symbols mean to you? Make note of it. 

And once you get through the Major Arcana, then you will want to go to the Minor Arcana which consists of 4 suits that are wands which is fire, swords which are air, pentacles which are earth, and cups which is water. Choose one suit, and stick to that at a time while you are journaling. Once you are complete, then rinse and repeat with the next suit until you are finished with your fourth suit. 

Then when you do your readings on yourself, you will want to journal what you get and your interpretations. You will want to keep doing this as long as you are practicing tarot. This is really a great way to dig deep within yourself, and again to sharpen your intuition. You will learn the tarot quicker as well by journaling. It is highly recommended to all readers novice or professional. 

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