Did you know professional tarot readers sometimes offer free tarot readings online? Even better, most of the time, the cards used in these readings are based on traditional tarot decks created hundreds of years ago.

What are tarot readings?

Tarot readings are one of the most popular types of divination. In fact, there are many different types of tarot readings, such as love readings, career readings, and life readings. Tarot readings are alsp a fun way to learn about yourself and others.

How do tarot readings work?

A tarot reader uses tarot cards to answer questions posed by the client. The answers are then interpreted into words, often to help people understand what they want from life and what obstacles might be standing in their way.

  • A tarot reading is a powerful tool that allows people to gain insight into their lives and relationships.
  • Readings are performed using a deck of 78 cards known as tarot cards.
  • Tarot card decks feature two types of tarot cards: the major arcana and the minor arcana.
  • Each card has a meaning associated with it, and each reader interprets the cards differently.
  • Readers use the cards to help reveal information about your life, relationships, career, health, and future.

Readings by Themes.

You can choose between different themes when reading online tarot cards. These themes help you focus on certain aspects of your life. For example, if you’re looking for love, you might choose the Love theme. If you’re looking to improve your career, you might choose the Career theme.

Readings by Theme & Question.

Each reader has their own style and approach to interpreting the cards. However, there are some commonalities among them. For example, most tarot readers will tell you what the cards mean, how they relate to each other, and what the future holds. They also tend to use similar words and phrases to describe the cards.

Below is a free online 7-card tarot reading for you.

Best Practices for an Accurate Online Tarot Reading

Prepare Yourself

  • Before you begin, take three deep breaths and take a couple of moments to clear your head and center yourself.
  • Think of a question or problem you’re dealing with, and spend a moment just focusing on your question.
  • Intend to align your energy with the answers and solutions you’re seeking.

Prepare the Deck

  • Put your hands in front of your screen and imagine that you are clearing this digital deck with your energy. In other words, intend that the deck in front of you will show you exactly what you need to know and for the best of all involved.
  • Affirm that the cards will be placed in divine synchronicity and tell yourself out loud (or in your head if you’re not alone) that each card you flip is the right one for you or your situation.
  • Decide ahead of time what each card means to you. Or, use our basic 7-card advice spread to predetermine your cards.
  • Most importantly, know that whatever you read can be interpreted in many ways.

Get Your Free 7-Card Tarot Reading Here

When you’re ready, shuffle the deck and then flip each row to get your reading. Use the 7-card tarot card spread below this section, or try the alternative 7-card spread listed at the bottom of this page.

Flip Cards
seven of wands

Seven of Wands

This card means that you are up for a challenge by a competitor and you are ready to fight it and stand your ground. Always stick to your principles and to never give in. Astrologically this card is tied to Mars in Leo.

When this card shows up in reverse, it means that you are exhausted and giving up, and giving in.

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

This card rules potential and the early stages of intention, development, and thoughts with a plan of action in place. This card also tells you to make any type of new beginning fruitful. Create it and stick to it. Or it may represent ill-intentions. All fire signs are linked to this card.

This card in reverse is that there was some passion for a new start, but you are stuck and cannot evolve.

Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

This is an ambitious figure who is quick to think and has a strong desire to succeed. Astrologically this card is linked to Taurus and Gemini.

When this card shows up in reverse it indicates impulsive thinking and someone who is not focused.

Flip Cards
The Empress tarot

The Empress

The Empress is associated with motherhood and anything that is maternal. There is nurturing creativity and abundance. It can also be a sign of pregnancy, and if this card comes up, it can be a sign of an opportunity on the way.

Corresponding Number: 3
Corresponding Planet: Venus
Enneagram Type: 2

The Empress reversed can indicate problems in the home, financial problems, as well as stagnation.

Four of Wands

Four of Wands

This card shows that someone’s ideas and plans have materialized. It can relate to business, personal life, and relationships. Marriage is on the way with this card. This is a joyous card which means celebration, harmony, and relaxation. Astrologically this card is tied to Venus in Aries.

This card in reverse may mean these things have been achieved such as a plan materializing but there is a lack of happiness and alignment with it.

Six of Swords

Six of Swords

This card is indicative of removing baggage, and making changes. It can also represent travel by sea. Astrologically, this card is linked to Mercury in Aquarius.

If this card shows up in reverse, it shows that there is resistance to making necessary changes or that there is business that is unfinished.

Flip Cards
King of Cups

King of Cups

This card represents a character that is diplomatic and compassionate, as well as being balanced on an emotional level. Astrologically this card is associated with Libra and Scorpio.

When this card is in reverse, it can show someone who is manipulative on an emotional level, moodiness, and selfishness.

Interpret Your Cards


Learn More About Tarot for Free

If you’re looking for an easy way to learn more about tarot, then check out our free online tarot reading lessons. We offer several different online tarot readings (including our 7-card free online tarot reading) with detailed explanations of the meanings of each card. You can read these readings anytime, anywhere, and at no cost.

  • You can find free tarot readings online from many different tarot readers. Some of them offer daily readings while others offer weekly or monthly readings.
  • Tarot readings are one of the most popular forms of divination.
  • You can find free tarot readings online from experienced tarot readers who specialize in providing accurate predictions.

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