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You want to be a tarot reader. Congratulations on making this big step forward. Be sure to master the cards’ meanings and sharpen your intuition that can take some time for you to do before you become a reader for others—practice tarot readings for yourself and your friends. Then when you are ready to read the tarot professionally, you will be wondering where you can do readings.

The answer to that depends on your personality. If you are an introvert, you will not want to do tarot readings at the same places as an extrovert. Now, I’ll get to seven places where you can do tarot readings, and you can then decide which place feels the best to you.


If you are an introvert, this is the best option. If you are a true introvert, you can arrange to do readings through chats or email. Or, if you have an extroverted side, you can do readings on the phone, Skype, or Zoom. However, do you really want to get a job at a psychic hotline? You can if you really want to go there. However, that can get exhausting quickly. And what you can do instead is to offer readings on your own and market them through online classifieds, Facebook ads, or other means to advertise. You can also find potential clients on places such as LinkedIn to conduct readings if you like.

Your Home

If you are comfortable with having clients come to your home, you can use a place to do readings. You can choose a particular room to do those readings in your home too. If you have young kids, this option may not feel right to you. However, if it feels right for you, then, by all means, do it. I did it when my kids were young and in school, which was many years ago now. However, that is not recommended right now during the age of COVID.

Your Clients’ Home

If you want to come to your client’s home to do readings, then that is an option too – if they are okay with it, that is. If this is what you prefer to do and you are not afraid to go to a stranger’s home (unless you know the client personally from the past), tell them upfront and see if this is something they are open to doing. However, once again, during the era of COVID, that will have to wait. When COVID is over, you may prefer to do your readings elsewhere.

Cafes Or Shops

You can go to cafes or coffee shops to do readings if you like. You can also go to bookstores or metaphysical shops if there is one near you. You may have to rent a room in any of these places if that is where you prefer. Many tarot readers are okay with spending the money to rent rooms if they are not comfortable doing readings in their homes or their clients’ homes. That makes a lot of sense to do it that way. However, during the age of COVID, that will not be possible. Hopefully soon!


You can do readings at parties if that is something that you offer. There is money to be made with this option, too, if you don’t find that you would be too distracted. This is something that an extrovert would like to do. It will be so lovely once COVID is over so parties can happen and readings at parties. However, since I am not an extrovert, I will not be doing readings at parties, nor have I ever considered it.

Psychic Fairs

If you prefer reading at psychic fairs to get yourself known, this is a good option for doing readings. Just be prepared not to be the only reader, and you may do fewer readings than others around you. That can take a hit to your confidence if you start as a reader, so it is not a good idea to go the psychic fair route if you are new. All of the psychic fairs currently available are virtual for obvious reasons, but the in-person ones will be back in due time.


You can read at festivals such as the county fair. You could have a better chance of getting some business if you are one of the few tarot readers in a booth there than a psychic fair with more competition. Again, this is ideal for someone extroverted. Hopefully, soon that will be an option again!

Only you know what place you want to do tarot readings, which would affect how to do tarot readings. Good luck with it. The only thing is right now; you will not be able to do readings in settings other than the first one right now as the pandemic is still an issue even though vaccinations are well on their way. It will be a while before we can resume to parties, cafes, and so on, but it will happen!


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