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You have decided to start mastering tarot reading. Congratulations. That is a significant step forward. You can create a business out of reading tarot cards, and you can also read the cards to gain insight into any situation involving you. Either way, you are going to love it. 

You may be wondering because you are not ‘psychic’ if you really can read the tarot. The answer to that is, yes, you absolutely can. You don’t have to be psychic to read the tarot. However, you do have to practice building your intuition that everyone has.  You also need to master the meaning of all 78 tarot cards, which is easy to do. And that is going to be covered in this step-by-step guide on reading the tarot. 

Step 1 – Choose Your Deck

The first thing to do is to choose your deck. You do not have to be gifted a deck to begin reading the tarot. You also do not have to start mastering the tarot from the Rider Waite Smith deck. Go to a metaphysical shop, browse on Etsy or Amazon, and look for the deck that you feel is the best fit. That is an exercise right there for trusting your intuition. Whatever deck you are the most drawn to, that is yours!

Step 2 – Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

You have your deck. It would help if you now cleansed it. Allow the deck to sit on a window sill for a day in the sunlight. Or, you can allow it to sit on the window sill overnight if it is a Full Moon. You can also put the deck into a bowl of Himalayan salt overnight. That is going to absorb the energies. Be sure to dump the salt out the following day as it is full of energies that you do not want. 

Step 3 – Relax

You are about to start reading. Sit still, relax, and listen to your intuition. Whatever you feel deep down without any logic or emotion associated with it is your intuition calling you. Listen to it. Keep your feelings separated too. 

Step 4 – Shuffle The Deck

Start shuffling the tarot deck in any way you wish. There is no rule for how to rearrange your cards. Feel the connection to your cards as you are shuffling away. Some like to shuffle their cards quickly, and others want to shuffle them slowly. As long as you mix them up, that is all that matters. 

Step 5 – Ask Your Question

You are still shuffling your cards. Ask your question and be very specific. A vague question is not going to deliver a clear answer. You want to focus on the cards as you ask that question, too, because the more specific your question and the more focused you are on the cards, the more accurate results you will receive. 

Step 6 – Cut Your Tarot Deck

Now you are ready to cut your deck after shuffling. Put the deck on the table in front of you with your left hand. Cut the deck in half, and put the top half of the cards on the left. There are two piles of tarot cards, and the first thing to do is make a card on the right side. Then turn it over. 

Step 7 – Read The Card 

Look at the card that you choose very carefully and notice everything about it literally. Notice the symbols, colors, characters, and vibe you get from the card. You will want to take it all in, and it will promote your intuitive side, and the answers will come to you.  

Step 8 – Write What You Read Down On A Piece Of Paper

Write everything you see on the card down on a piece of paper: the symbol, the color, the words if there are any, and any characters. Also, be sure to note any feelings and vibes you are getting by looking at the card and the first interpretation you get. Remember that the first interpretation is the right one. That is your intuition talking. Never second guess it!

Step 9 – Bring The Tarot Reading To A Close

When you finish the reading, you will want to put the deck in your hands and silently thank your guides. Your guides brought you the message/s that you needed to hear through your cards. 

Step 10 – Put The Tarot Cards Away In A Safe Place

Now you are going to want to store your cards in a dark case or velvet bag. That keeps negative energies at bay. Put the bag or case with the cards in it somewhere safe in your home. Put it in a drawer if you like. 

The more you practice reading tarot cards, the better you are going to get. You can try out new spreads and use the spreads that feel right to you. You eventually can create your own. Then you can start a business out of reading tarot cards (if you choose to). Good luck. 


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