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If you are very much into reading tarot but are afraid to make a profit with it seems taboo, my advice is not to be scared. You have the deck that speaks to you clearly, and you have your style of reading. Remember something. Having the ability to read the tarot is a gift. And you could read tarot full-time or do it part-time. There are plenty of people out there who rely on tarot readers to give them the insight they need. You could be one of those readers that people love.

You may be wondering how you can make money with tarot, which could be where you are stuck. Alright. I get it. Now let’s look at ten different ways you can make money by reading tarot. You can find one or several ways that make you feel the most comfortable. Most of these are not COVID-friendly ways. However, now that the vaccines are being distributed widely, all of these ideas will become applicable soon!

In-Person Tarot Readings

If you are comfortable with doing tarot readings face-to-face with clients, you can make money this way. You can put up ads sharing your tarot reading business in local magazines to advertise your service. You can either decide to have clients come to your home (but be careful if you do since you don’t know who is coming), or you can read at a coffee shop – or rent a room at a salon or a metaphysical shop or a bookstore.

Reading At Parties

If you are not introverted and can shield yourself from having too many people around in one place, you can offer tarot readings for parties. Many readers who do this also offer in-person readings. You can also charge individually if someone at a party wants to have a more extended session with you. Never forget to bring business cards if you are doing readings this way.


Personally, because I am an introvert, this is the option that does not jive with me. Neither do the previous two. But perhaps for you, it is the right fit, so I am listing that doing tarot readings at festivals is a way to make money.

However, before you commit to that, if there is a festival happening in your city, be sure to check with the organizers if they want a tarot reader. If they do, then find out the cost of renting a booth. Also, be prepared not to do many readings as the attendees may keep walking by you. Or, you could be incredibly busy and make a killing. Either way, once again, don’t forget your business cards. There will only be virtual festivals during the pandemic anyway.

Conduct Tarot Talks

If there is a tarot convention heading your way, then you can get yourself a spot to give a talk about how you read the tarot and your style. You can talk really about anything. You can speak, for instance, about the Death card and why it is not one to be feared. But this is most definitely not something an introvert likes.

Tarot Workshops

You can hold a tarot workshop and teach tarot, give participants exercises, and you can play some games. However, the recommendation is that you will not want to plan this solo because it is a lot of work to set up a workshop. This also cannot be done in one weekend since the tarot is so broad. You are going to have also to find a hall to hold the workshop in. However, if you know of someone who lives in a condo, or if you do, that is an idea.

Run A Course Online On Teaching Tarot

If you are an introvert such as myself, then this may be a better fit. However, I haven’t wrapped my mind around doing this, even though I have thought about it for myself here and there. But I am putting this idea out there for you. You can create a course on Udemy or Teachable or any of those sites. You can create videos, PDFs and set up a private Facebook group to have the students do exercises.
Write An eBook On Tarot

This is something I may consider doing to make money with tarot. You can write an ebook about the tarot and make it enjoyable, make it original. You can then sell it on Amazon and be sure to market the heck out of it.

Create A Tarot Deck

This idea is going to take a lot of time and money. But if you are up to it, and you are creative, then create your tarot deck. You can set up a Kickstarter to gain the funds to hire an artist if you are not one yourself. You can then upload images on a site such as Make Playing Cards printing. You can sell your cards on Etsy.

Read Tarot Online

This is the chosen way for introverts who read tarot to make money. Set up a website, register a business, and start investing in ads. Facebook ads, magazine ads, get the word out. Get into psychic directories. Make yourself stand out so that potential clients know that you can offer something unique. You can do tarot readings in various forms. You can do it by Skype, by phone, or by email, which is what I do. That was the case before COVID-19, and that will be the case after COVID-19.

Write Articles About Tarot And Sell Them

If you are into freelance writing, then you can write tarot articles. Open up an account on Upwork or Fiverr and offer writing services about tarot or anything related. You can also look for companies that may be hiring tarot writers. Apply to Writer, and you may be able to write articles on tarot.

See, there are ten ways to make money with tarot. And if you choose just one or two ways, then you can do great with it. Good luck with whatever method you choose when it comes to making money reading tarot.


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