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When you are thinking about starting to read the tarot but you have no deck, you will be wondering how to choose the right deck. And you may have read in various places that the deck to start out with is the Rider-Waite deck because that is the ultimate beginner’s deck. However, that is quite untrue. Not everyone will relate to the Rider-Waite deck, as I certainly did not. And if you don’t relate to it well, and if you are not attracted to it – then it will not be the right deck after all for you to start with. 

This is why it is very important that when you are starting to consider reading the tarot, you need to have a deck that you will resonate with, and that you will be able to read from. Here are some steps on how to find the right deck:

1. Search Around And Use Your Intuition

You need to forget that you were told that the only deck to read with is the Rider-Waite as a beginner. That is unless you want to stick with that But you will want to look at Amazon, Etsy, or your local metaphysical store and find a deck that way. And be sure to use your intuition while searching. Allow it to guide you on the path to getting the right deck. If a deck jumps out at you because it feels right, then go for it. Purchase it. And begin to get to know it.

2. Get To Know The Deck

There is a good chance that if the deck that you found caught your eye and you had a strong feeling that it would be the right one for you, then it is. However, sometimes mixed messages can happen. Sometimes you think the deck is interesting and pretty so you end up grabbing it because you were impressed with the appearance. This is why you have to allow your intuition to guide you. Just because a deck pretty does not always mean it is the right one for you. 

The only way you know it is not the right one is because you are not feeling a connection with the deck. Because you will know if you are or not quite strongly. And sometimes the eye candy was just that, eye candy. And if you run into a situation where you are not happy with the deck you had grabbed, then you will want to sell it or swap it. And allow your intuition to guide you when you want to find the right one. 

3. Selling Or Swapping Your Deck

If you need to sell or swap your deck, you can either open an Amazon seller’s account to sell the deck or go on Facebook to find groups for tarot deck swapping which there are plenty. And you never know. Through that way, you may find the right deck in the end. 

It is very important to allow your intuition to guide you when you are choosing a deck in addition to being attracted to it. With that said, no, the Rider-Waite deck is not always the best beginner’s deck! Especially if you are not at all attracted in any way. 

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