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high priestess

It is understandable that you or anyone can doubt the accuracy of tarot cards. But before I answer that, here are a few things to understand when you are reading the tarot. When you are asking a particular question and you want to see what type of answer the tarot cards will reveal to you, you need to be specific with your question. Therefore, if you ask the cards a general question such as ‘will I be happy this summer?’, then you won’t get the answer you are looking for due to the fact that it may be vague.

That is because the question is too vague. If you, however, ask ‘will I be happy with my new job at the grocery store this summer?’, then you will receive a detailed answer. With that said, the tarot cards are accurate. It all depends on not only how specific you are when you ask questions, but it all depends on how you interpret the cards as well.

There are also many ways to interpret the tarot as there is no right or wrong way. Yes, you need to know the meanings of the cards but you also need to know how to use your own intuition when reading the cards. That means you will interpret the cards in a way that best suits you.

At the same time, it is important to know that if you are asking the cards a question about the future, things can change. That is because you have free will and you have the choice to approach things differently. Especially if you ask the cards a question of how you will do something and you don’t like the answer you get. You can always change your approach. If you change your approach with how to handle something, and you get a better result, then stick with that.

For instance, if you are upset about something your significant other did, and you are looking for a way to get back at them, you would likely ask the cards how that would turn out. If you pull the Death card after asking that question, you pretty much know that the relationship will be over by your actions.

But, you have the free will to approach this in another way. If you ask the cards what will happen if you confront your significant other and make it clear you are not happy, you will get a different card. If you pull Strength, then it means that yes, it won’t be easy but you will come out of it stronger if you do that. And it may even mean your relationship may also strengthen. But that also depends if you decide to add more cards to the reading and what the surrounding cards are.

Therefore, the cards are always accurate. But at the same time, you need to be specific about what insights you are looking for. You also need to realize that you have free will and things can change. It also depends on how you interpret the cards which means for you to rely on your own intuition as you do.

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