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If you ever think about past life memories or anything from your previous lives affecting you, you feel that the only way to find out is to do a past life regression. There is some truth in that. You can also use a past life regression to uncover issues from your past lives that have been plaguing or affecting you somehow. When it comes to having memories from your past lives, this is not the only thing to rely on. 

Your past life memories are also not just stored in your brain. Cellular memory is the storage of these memories in other parts of your body. Your cellular memories affect your needs, your wants, and your subconscious responses to different stimuli.

Memories from your past affect you in many ways. If you are fully conscious, it is unlikely that you can recall specific events from your previous lives. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen. However, it is rare. You aren’t going to immediately remember, for instance, that you ate a chicken sandwich with a particular spice during your time in England during the Victorian era. What you may feel instead is deja vu. That is the first common way in which past life memories affect you. 

Experiencing Deja Vu

Déjà vu is a feeling you get when you are reminded of something you did, heard, or felt in the past. Say, for example, you are driving in your car, and you hear a brand new song on the radio that has never been released before. You feel as if you have listened to this song before even though. You feel as if you heard that song a long time ago. 

You can also experience deja vu if you do something that you once dreamed of when you were younger. For example, your long-term memory may be triggered by an experience you had as a toddler when your long-term memory was still developing. Nevertheless, all of your past experiences go deep into your subconscious. That said, past life memories can also be recalled through a sense of deja vu. 

You would not have heard that song on the radio in that case. Maybe in a previous life, you heard a song with a similar tune to the one you are listening to now. Now you know that deja vu can be a memory from another lifetime. How about likes and dislikes?

What You Like And Dislike

Did you ever wonder why you like certain things and dislike others? Your personality can play a significant role in why you are drawn to some things and repelled by others. You are often shaped by your past experiences as well as your current upbringing. It’s easy to develop likes and dislikes as you grow and evolve. 

However, what about the likes and dislikes you had as a child? Children are more than just ‘not liking jam’ or ‘liking dogs more than cats.’ Is it possible that the child doesn’t like jam because of a past life memory of eating jam and getting sick – and then being turned off from it for the rest of the past life? Is it possible that the child had a dog in a previous life? In addition, they didn’t know much about raising cats because they had never owned one? Those things can most definitely remain in your cellular memory from past lives. 

At the same time, that child may prefer dogs to cats, but they don’t dislike cats either. Their attitude toward them is neutral. It means they’d be open to having one as a pet. Eventually, as they grow older, they may love cats as much as dogs. In addition, their love for cats would have been rooted in their current lives and would remain with them forever. 

What does it mean, then, if the same child who loves dogs is terrified of hamsters? Is there a chance that the child had a bad experience with a hamster in a previous life? Let’s explore that further. 

Phobias and Fears

An emotional reaction to a perceived or real threat is fear. As a phobia, the fear is magnified to the point that it is consuming and can interfere with your quality of life. A traumatic incident that has a lasting impact on you can lead to fear and phobias in your present life. How about children who are highly fearful of certain things? What about adults who have fears and phobias they can’t explain? Fears and phobias can be rooted in past lives

Consider the example of the child who is afraid of the hamster. In the short time, they have been alive, that child has never seen a hamster. Is it possible that the child has a phobia of hamsters because of a traumatic experience with one in their past? There is a good chance they did. Thus, ‘unexplained’ fears and phobias might result from traumas you experienced in a previous life. However, you can also trace your passions and things you love to your prior lives if they are unexplained.

What You Love And Your Passions

Have you ever been passionate about something since childhood that now makes you wonder why you were so passionate about it in the first place? There could be several reasons for that. For example, there are several reasons why you love pasta or Italian food. 

When you were four years old, your parents may have taken you to an Italian restaurant, and you tried pasta for the first time. Therefore, your love for pasta has been ingrained in your subconscious since then. 

It is also possible that you developed a love for pasta and Italian food in a previous life and carried it over to this one. You may have been Italian in your past life if you feel strongly connected to the Italian culture and have always wanted to go to Italy. You may have lived in Italy or another country, but you are of Italian descent. 

A strong passion that you have in your current life may have come from previous lives as well. Perhaps music is your passion. You want to be a musician, but you are not naturally gifted. There are some courses you need to take. Probably in your previous life, you wanted to become a musician but were denied the opportunity. As a result, you did not get a chance to learn, and you didn’t carry over any musical skills. Other skills that you can bring with you from previous lives are the ones you naturally possess. 

The Natural Skills You Have

In some areas, you may be gifted but weak in others. The reason you have some natural gifts and talents can be traced back to the skills you had in previous lives. You used those skills in your previous occupations. In the case of a young child who seems to be a natural writer, there is a good chance that the child was a writer, journalist, or author in a previous life. Maybe they were in many incarnations before. 

When it comes to school subjects that you never did well in, there could be many reasons. For example, having difficulty with math or science can sometimes be a result of a learning deficit. In addition, you probably did not develop skills in those areas in previous lives. Therefore, it would be challenging for you to develop skills in those areas. So now you know that if you have always excelled in a particular area, you likely had strong skills in that area in previous lives. 

In addition, you may recall previous lives in your dreams. In dreams, you often see symbols representing essential things in your life right now. You can sometimes have prophetic visions in which you see the future. Dreams about past lives can also occur. 

According to all of the ‘unexplained’ factors that affect you today in one way or another, you can likely trace them all back to previous lives. The only way to find out is to work with a past life regressionist. So the first step to healing yourself is to get to the bottom of something from the past life that has been affecting you negatively. 


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