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Becoming a tarot reader is a big deal as you are mastering a new skill that can help people (and yourself) a lot. However, the idea of making money with it can be exciting and daunting at the same time. My advice to you is even though I cannot tell you how to feel, do your best not to be scared and to believe in yourself. And at the same time, you need to know the five critical qualities to possess when offering tarot reading services.

You Can Be A Great Counselor

You don’t have to be a licensed therapist to be a tarot reader. I am not. But you know how to give people caring advice that is useful. Even if it is not ‘right’ for everyone, the way you counsel others is what counts a lot, especially when delivering messages from the cards that can be upsetting to the querent. You know how to give it the right way, in a way that they can understand and accept.

You Listen To Them

A good tarot reader must have excellent listening skills. That is the only way you can genuinely help the querent with the issue they have come to you for the reading about because they trust you. To provide the most accurate reading, you have to be specific to the question you are asking. And that means you have to listen carefully to what the querent tells you.


As long as you are not emotionally involved in the querent situation, you can be objective. However, what if you are delivering a reading based on something that the querent is dealing with that has touched you too? You have to stay objective as hard as it is. Yes, this is going to be quite challenging. However, remind yourself even though the situation hits home, it is not affecting you directly. You want to make sure that your intuition is not colored by emotion, so it is essential to stay objective.

Takes Ethics Seriously

Here is something significant. That means you must be upfront about what life situations you can read for and what you cannot. It is not rocket science. You don’t do readings on health situations where you are expected to give medical advice (and even if you are a doctor, this applies because only the querent’s doctor can do that). You don’t do readings on pregnancy, legal matters, divorce, and anything that involves death.

The only exception with death is if the reading involves someone terminal, and the querent would want to know how to help them transition safely and comfortably. Be sure to state this on your website. You also want to make it clear that nothing you say is set in stone. Things change. Tarot readings are good for predicting how a particular outcome can look, and you can make decisions based upon that. Therefore, a change of plans can always change things around.

Be Compassionate

Always be compassionate with the querent. Even if you find the questions they ask are silly. That is fine to have an opinion but remember; they are the ones who are stressed or affected by it. If they are coming to you for reading over it, then it is essential to them. Just be caring and compassionate, no matter what. Even if they tell you plans of actions they want to take that you disagree with, stay out of it. That goes back to being objective. Just be compassionate and put yourself into their shoes.

Remember, too, to keep honing your skills. Know the cards, and practice, practice, and practice. Practice with friends and family. Join tarot groups on Facebook. Many of them are full of readers that want to practice on others. The best thing to do is to be confident in your skills before you start doing tarot readings professionally. Good luck with it, because you are going to do just great.

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