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When you are learning about reading the tarot, you are focusing on how to sharpen up your intuition while learning the meaning of the cards. And keeping a journal is recommended when you are not just learning to read the tarot, but even once you are a pro at it – it is always a great idea to keep a journal. This way, your ability stays intact, and you are exercising your intuition by doing so to keep it strong the same way you need to exercise your muscles. 

However, there are also some roadblocks that many tarot readers run into, especially those who are just starting to read. But a change in circumstances in a reader’s life regardless of how experienced they are can cause these hindrances as well. The 3 common roadblocks that tarot readers can run into easily are:

Not Being Objective Enough

The fact of the matter is, many tarot readers are discouraged from reading for themselves or for their friends or family members who they are emotionally tied to. That is because emotion can easily get into the way of intuition. This means that you will not be objective enough if you are unable to separate your desires to what your intuition is telling you. This can cause you to misinterpret the cards as well. 

That means if you are able to be objective enough when you are reading for yourself or someone who you are emotionally tied to, then by all means. But if you cannot separate emotion from intuition, then you will want another reader who is not emotionally invested in you such as hiring a professional to read for you instead. 

Not Being Patient Enough To Learn

It takes time to become a professional tarot reader which means you will not all of a sudden know how to read tarot on the same day you get your first deck. It takes time to learn the meaning behind the tarot and to develop and sharpen your intuition. It can take months and it can even take a year or so to really have it come as second nature. It depends on how much time you have to learn and how much time you put into it as well. 

And some people are naturally more intuitive than others. If you are very intuitive then you will pick it up fast if you keep practicing. But either way, it will not happen overnight. If you are not patient enough to learn the skill and you are trying to do a reading while you don’t have the skills or experience, you will not know how to make an accurate prediction. 

You Are Afraid Or Skeptical Deep Down

If there is a part of you that is doubting how accurate tarot is, or you are afraid of conjuring up bad spirits while using it, then that will end up causing you to not be able to read it the right way. There is nothing to fear but if you project your fears onto it, then you may end up tapping into some unwanted entities while using it. And if you don’t believe what you are doing while reading the tarot, then that will most definitely be a big roadblock to your reading. 

In other words, if you are not patient enough, objective enough, fearful or skeptical, then it is best not to read the tarot at all. Tarot reading is not for everyone, and that is okay, but it is best to acknowledge that instead of trying to do something that will cause you more stress in the end. 

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