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What do you think of doing tarot readings for pregnancies? I wrote an article about pregnancy tarot readings at one time, but this is more of an article to expand on that one. Some people believe that it is ethical to do tarot readings on pregnancy, while others are not so sure. The main concern seems to be whether or not the readings can accurately predict the future of the pregnancy.

Can Pregnancy Tarot Readings Be Helpful?

Those who believe that tarot readings can be helpful in pregnancy argue that the cards can offer valuable insights into the potential outcome of the pregnancy. As a result, they think the readings can help women make better decisions about their pregnancy and prepare for any potential challenges.

Opponents of tarot readings on pregnancy argue that the cards are not always accurate. They also point out that no scientific evidence supports the claim that tarot readings can be helpful in pregnancy. In addition, they argue that doing a tarot reading on pregnancy can emotionally damage the woman if the reading is negative. Let me tell you my take on tarot readings for pregnancies.

I Do Not Do Tarot Readings For Pregnancies

I think that doing tarot reading for pregnancies is unethical, and it boils down to an experience I had when I was learning how to read tarot well over 17 years ago. When I was giving practice readings, I had no rules as all I wanted to do was practice and learn how to give readings.

So, I had a friend at the time who found out she was pregnant, and she knew that I was practicing giving tarot readings. So, of course, she wanted me to give a reading on her pregnancy, and I was happy to do that. I did not think anything about ethics at the time since I was a newbie. Therefore, I had no rules to apply. I did the reading, and the outcome was the Ten of Swords. That was my first significant snag in doing test readings.

A woman came to me for a tarot reading on her pregnancy, and the outcome was the Ten of Swords. What do I tell her? I knew this was bad news, and you cannot get anything worse than the Ten of Swords or the Tower when it comes to a pregnancy reading. All I said was that she should be sure to talk to her care provider about the pregnancy and any risks or go to them if she has any questions. I was stumped. How was I going to tell her that the cards said to me that her pregnancy was coming to an end?

Sure enough, she did miscarry not long after I did that practice reading. That was when I decided never to do pregnancy readings for any pregnancy tarot readings, ever! However, many tarot readers are happy to do pregnancy readings.

I See Pregnancy Tarot Readings Offered On Etsy

It is incredible how many tarot readers on Etsy offer pregnancy and fertility readings. And they seem to do quite well. If that’s the case, these tarot readers must provide the information they need, and perhaps they will find an ethical way to do these readings. I don’t know how. I mean, if the question someone asks a tarot reader is if they will be pregnant by a specific time, for example, there are lots of ethical issues I have with that. But perhaps certain tarot readers have no problem with doing that. However, there is one aspect of pregnancy that I would do a tarot reading for if someone came to me about it.

Doing Tarot Readings For The Unborn Baby’s Personality Is Different

If someone were pregnant and wanted me to do a reading on the baby’s personality, then I would be okay with that. I have no issues with that because I could easily read what the baby’s basic personality would be like, but I would also make it clear that even though you cannot change the fundamental nature of someone, you can teach a child to be kind and teach them good manners. Otherwise, I think that doing tarot readings on pregnancy is an ethical issue, the way it is for making diagnoses or doing tarot readings for legal matters. You don’t do those!! You go to a doctor for health concerns, and you go to a lawyer for legal problems, not a psychic or tarot reader!

There is no easy answer when it comes to whether or not tarot readings are ethical to do when it comes to pregnancy. Some people believe they can help provide insights into a pregnancy, while others think they can be harmful and cause undue stress. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they feel comfortable having a tarot reading during pregnancy. If you are considering having a reading, it is essential to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that there are no contraindications.

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