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You want to have a psychic reading done, and at the same time, you are looking for a tarot reader, and specifically a tarot reader. However, how do you know that the tarot reader can do psychic readings? You may be thinking of how that simply cannot make sense since a psychic would use the tarot. However, there are some differences that you may not be aware of between a psychic and a tarot reader. What could the differences be? Let’s go over them.

What Is A Psychic?

A psychic is someone who has abilities that are supernatural, extrasensory, or metaphysical so they can pick up information that no one would know about – including you which is why you’d be going to a psychic in the first place. They have gifts such as clairvoyance (they see things beyond the veil), or clairaudience (they hear what the guides are saying), or they are clairsentient which means they can literally feel what someone else feels.

Some psychics are mediums that can talk to guides and the departed, and others are just clairvoyant. Psychics also often use tools to help them get clearer answers such as tarot cards, or runes, I ching, or astrology, or telepathy. But not all of them use any tools for divination. Some of them can use their psychic abilities by tapping into what they are asked to tap in my the querent on their own. Now, let’s talk about what a tarot reader happens to be.

What Is A Tarot Reader?

A tarot reader only uses tarot for divination or to provide insight by using the cards in a variety of types of spreads. A tarot reader does not have to be psychic (but some are which means they are the psychics that prefer to use tarot as a divination tool). Therefore, the average tarot reader would not be able to give the same type of readings that psychics do. However, tarot readers are intuitive and get a feel for what is happening by reading the cards.

Tarot readers can read about a variety of things and it does not always have to do with predicting the future. It often has to do with gaining insight into any particular situation that is happening in the present. A reader picks up a card or several cards that will give them the insight they need in order to make sense of what is happening.

Therefore, if you are looking to get a psychic reading, but you are wanting to have a tarot reading done at the same time, you must ask the reader if they are specifically a psychic that uses tarot cards. Because if the reader is not a psychic but only uses tarot cards to provide insight, then you will not end up with the reading that you had hoped to get.

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