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There was a book I remember reading years ago, it was Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz. He said that everything that happens in your life is planned before birth. I was trying to subscribe to it, considering all the abuse and bullying I endured and the struggles I had caring for my son with complex special needs at the time.

Maybe I did plan those things before birth. Perhaps I was meant to be bullied the way I was because I know I was narcissistic and my father’s golden child who did not treat others well in a previous life. It sounds like it was my karma, right? Maybe I was not meant to get the support I needed when caring for my son for that reason too. That is what I believed based on that book anyway.

But the more I thought about it. I thought there could be some truth to some of it. However, in other cases, I had my doubts. All that book did was cause me to rationalize why I went through so much hell in my life. And that just made me angry. So finally, after years of exploring this with a clear mind, I came up with this conclusion, and plenty of others agree with me.

You Do Not Plan Everything That Happens In Your Life Before Birth

Your life is filled with destiny points, and free will also get in the way. You cannot plan for free will because it happens unexpectedly. It can happen through the choices you make in life and through the choices of others that affect you.

With that being said, I also do think you have soul agreements where others may call them soul contracts. So, I believe we plan our children, parents, significant partners, and other essential people who affect our lives. But I don’t think we plan to meet every relationship we are in or the neighbors we will have. That can be random. That can be a case of free will.

Let’s Talk About What I Believe You Plan Before Birth

So, for example, you plan your birth, and your soul wants to grow and experience some lessons. But the type of lessons to experience is up in the air. But there are some key people you are meant to be with and others you will meet. So, for example, if you plan to be with a partner who will help you grow but will not necessarily provide you with love, you may decide to experience divorce.

Perhaps you plan to be married to a soulmate who will support and love you after you divorce your first partner. The purpose is for you to appreciate the love and support from a soulmate. But the specifics of the cause for divorce from the first partner are not planned before birth. I do not believe that is the case at all. Now, I will elaborate on what I also do not think so is planned before birth.

You Do Not Plan Your Trauma

Some psychics and mediums will disagree with me on this one wholeheartedly, but you do not plan your trauma before birth. Trauma caused by someone else’s cruelty is a misuse of free will, which brings chaos. All that individual does is get on karma themselves, which will play out in ways directed by the Universe.

So, let’s go back to the example of you going through the divorce before connecting with your soulmate. You do not plan why the divorce happens. All you plan is that you do not feel loved and valued, but the specifics do not appear until choices are made in life because of free will. For example, you could divorce your partner because they are always absent since they chose to become a workaholic. After all, that is the choice they made. Maybe they travel all of the time. They made it clear their work is more important than you.

Therefore, they chose their work over the marriage. Naturally, that will make you feel unloved and not valued by them. But that is not necessarily traumatizing (though to some, it may be all about perception). Or, the partner could have been cruel and abusive, which caused you to divorce them, all because the partner chose to do that to you, which was an abuse of power. And that would have caused trauma.

And, here is the problem with trauma caused this way. If you were meant to meet your soulmate, you might still be on par with your destiny, but it could take you a lot longer to connect with them because of having to focus on getting healthier from the trauma. Or, you may not end up meeting your soulmate if you are so severely traumatized, which could mean you might take an early exit point if you feel you cannot accomplish your mission in life. That may happen from getting into a sudden fatal car accident, a late cancer diagnosis, or COVID-19. The list goes on.

I will write a separate article on exit points because that also plays a role in pre-birth planning involving destiny and free will.

The gist of it is that no, you do not plan your trauma. You do not plan every single thing that happens in your life. You need to focus on specific lessons, and those issues will play out significantly in your life. But the way those lessons play out is left up to free will.

You Plan Your Life Blueprint Before Your Are Born

So, I believe that it is vague when you draw up your blueprint (and yes, it is a blueprint which means there are no specifics on how your life plays out even though it will play out in a certain way). So, for example, you need to learn lessons on relationships.

You may have soul agreements with those who will be partners, friends, or even enemies in your life. How those lessons are learned will be up to those involved in your relationship lessons. That depends on free will from you and the souls that you have an agreement, which means there could be betrayal, an abuse of power, or you not feeling as if they value you in other ways. That is why you do not plan your trauma and do not intend to be the center of other people’s cruelty before you are born. Yes, if you have a lesson in relationships, that is a risk to take, but you do not plan it!

Those psychics and mediums say it invalidates your trauma, which is all it is. But, you also will be surprised to learn something else that I believe happens.

You Plan Your Life As Well When You Are Sleeping

When asleep, your spirit leaves your body but is attached to a cord. Hence, it goes back to your body right before you wake up (now, do you understand why you don’t remember where you are sleeping aside from remembering a few minutes of your dream before waking up?). When your spirit travels to the Other Side, it meets up with other souls of the deceased and those living. You also make adjustments to your blueprint with your guides as well.

You have to adjust your blueprint because that wonderful thing called free will can take you off of the original path you created before you were born. You may be doing that when you are sleeping more than you usually are or suddenly start getting decent quality sleep for some time (especially if you are like me, who thinks that six hours of sleep is decent).

Therefore, you cannot possibly plan everything that happens before you are born because free will changes many things in your life. Of course, you may still meet your destiny points, but free will could take you away from it, especially if you take an exit point, which I will write about next! Sorry Robert Schwartz, but you have it all wrong!

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